My 3 Worse Earners Of 2017 And Overview

*Notice To Readers: This post may contain referral and affiliate links to sites I use*

Hey all sorry that I took so long to get back to doing this post, I didn't mean to. The weekend got busy for me with various distractions. Here is my previous post"My Top 3 Online Earners For 2017 And Overview"

In this post, I wanted to share with you my 3 worse earners but I have something important to say before I tell you those sites. First off I want everyone to realize I am in no way putting down these websites I did not earn well on. I say this because it is in no way those websites fault that my earnings were small, it is, in fact, my fault. I truly believe to be successful online depends on the person and how much time they invest in doing what they do online. 

There are times though where websites do seem to slow down earning wise for a lot of us, we all have been there. So I guess in some ways the website could be at fault but not always. So here is my list of my 3 worse earners…

My Top 3 Online Earners For 2017 And Overview

*Notice To Readers: This post may contain referral and affiliate links to sites I use*
2017 reminded me of my first few years trying to make cash online. Okay, it wasn't as bad as those years but it wasn't great either. I went through my total earnings writing down each website and the total amount earned on each website. This gave me a good overview of my best and worst websites.

I have decided to break this into 2 posts. The first one will be the top earners and the second post will be the worse earners. I am hoping that later tomorrow or this weekend I will have the worse earner post ready to go. So first what I want to do is list all the websites I got money from, there will be links to join if you wish to join under me which is muchly appreciated but you do not have to. :)
My 2017 Earning Websites List
1) UserTesting
2) Pinecone Research
3) GrindaBuck
4) ProlificAcademic
5) TheForumWheel
6) ForumCoin
7) Grabpoints - Type Grabpoints into Google playstore and use code: YXHGKH
8) Mic…

January 2018 Online Earnings

So I had a sticky note to remind myself to do an end of year post and I forgot all about it. I ended up not doing an end of year post like I was supposed to. So I am sorry for making you all wait. I will try and get on that sometime this week. The end of year post is kind of important since I was going to include my top 3 earners and top worse earners.

I had big plans for January or thought I did but that was not the case. The only positive is that  I posted to forums a bit more but aside from that my earnings did not improve much. Yesterday though I did get the mic working on my headset and was able to do 2 website test with UserTesting so that is good and a nice quick add to my February earnings so far. Here is a list of my earnings for January 2018:

January 2018 Online Earnings
Qmee - $1.23 CAD
GrindaBuck - $13.50 USD -  $16.27 after conversion to CAD
RewardingWays - $6.13 USD - $7.39 after conversion to CAD
Prolific Academic - £5.48 GBP - $9.10 after conversion to CAD
Swagbucks - 424 S…

Swago Shop Board Problems, Found A Fix!

So as much as I like Swagbucks sometime the Swago boards have challenges ranging from it being impossible for me to do a square because my city doesn't have "Shop Local" or a store not existing anymore like the issue with the "Sears" box which was later replaced in a recent Swago Shop. Tomorrow is the last day to enter your Swago board pattern and the issue I was facing was the square for "Barnes & Noble" on the Swagbucks app this store doesn't seem to exist in the list on the app. I even searched "All" and nothing. I found a way to make it work though and included pictures to help.

Step 1 - Go to the search feature in the Swagbucks app and search for "Swago"

Step 2 - Once you search find the selection like the one I have circled in the picture.

Step 3 - After this you can get it to load the swago board and it should take you to the "Barnes & Noble" page. I already did this before taking the screenshot with m…

December 2017 Online Earnings

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got to relax and spend time with loved ones near and far. And of course we are now in 2018 so happy new year! My holidays were fun I got to see my family Christmas eve instead of Christmas day due to bad weather we had. It normally does not storm but it did this year so I had to travel according to plans. Now I live a bit farther from my family as well so I had to keep that in mind while traveling. 
December was kind of a busy month too. I did some extra cleaning and then of course budgeting and getting ready for Christmas. My December earnings were not great for the end of the year but here is a look at them.
December 2017 Online Earnings Grindabuck - $8.00 USD - $9.93 after conversion to CAD Appen Butler Hill - $15.00 AUD - $14.64 after conversion to CAD Qmee - $3.94 CAD Streetbees - $1.00 USD - $1.23 after conversion to CAD ProlificAcademic£5.62 GBP - $9.34 after conversion to CAD
Total before conversions: $ 33.56 Grand total of everyt…

Qmee Has Come To Canada :)

I am sure some of you have already heard but I wanted to post about it anyways. Qmee is now available in Canada :)!  The cool thing about this is that there is no cash out minimum! So you can cash out any amount in your Qmee piggy bank.

The first day I used Qmee I did earn on a search I did but after that for some reason I wasn't earning that way. So surveys has been my go to earning method. I have done research online and the chrome extension for Qmee appears to be working. Regardless I do not mind because money is money and at the end of the day it is extra cash.

This is just to show the surveys and what they pay. The other day I did have something frustrating happen though which hasn't happened to me in a long time. I had a survey which I finished or thought I did that seemed to time out. It was just a 52 cent survey but still, it took a bit to do so I was not happy. The rest have all worked fine though.

Sadly Qmee is not International though. At current Qmee is open for r…

November 2017 Online Earnings And Updates

Greetings fellow bloggers and extra cash earners. For the month of November I do not have much to report in regards to earnings. I felt a huge sting in my earnings where they were very low. I started doing something new though. Since I have 2 computers, I have been using my gaming PC to run Engageme videos on Grindabuck on autopilot so to speak. By that I mean the videos run constantly while I either am out doing errands, cleaning or doing things on my laptop. This has helped me to earn 20 or more GaBs a day. GaBs is Grindabuck's currency so that is pretty much 20 cents or so. I do not let my PC run all day and I do not leave it on, so unless I test that I won't know how much I can truly make doing that. Even though my power is included in my rent I am not big on leaving a bunch of devices on all night.

Aside from that I was also lucky to discover that Qmee is now available for me so that is very exciting news. I had been trying to join Qmee for a long time but it was not ava…