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Just Want To Share A Quick Link

Came across this website today, Social Bookmark Links

Just a HUGE list of social bookmarking websites/social networks.

Most of them are comman but a few I did not regonized so I figured I would share

Happy Journey Surfing :)

Something For Work At Home Freelancers

I just started using twitter again, and found Modern Freelance, I am following them and got a message to check out their website. I have had interest in freelancing for some time but don't have much experience to offer to the table other then customer service, call center, blogging, writing experience I suppose...

Anyhow I read some of the post on the website and its a pretty good spot to read and they have Resources listed with links to Job sites. They offer something else to, submissions! And by that I mean you can write an article for them based on freelancing mainly, your compensation is that you will recive a byline and a link to your website!

Anyways could be a good way to get some traffic. And learn as well, some of the articles are quite educational...

View Modern Freelance Here

What You Need To Know Before Joining Survey Websites

Some of you may have stumbled upon programs that might say "Make Money Taking Surveys At Home" Or "Earn $100.00 dollars An Hour..." First off I want to say chances are I highly doubt anyone is going to make a full time income doing surveys at home, but if someone wants to prove me wrong then I say bring it on! Making $100.00 an hour is a bit out there for my liking... There is so much people don't know when signing up to survey websites, its terrible really.

So let me list down what I have learned from joining survey websites.

Many moons ago I paid money to join a website that was advertising taking surveys as a job. I was young and thought it was true. The website has a listing of survey companies, that was great but because I was Canadian I couldn't sign up to 70% of them. I soon got frustrated because each website wanted me to fill out these long and boring profiles about myself, I thought "Pssh this is dumb" I filled out a few and saw small earn…

How can I learn about working from home and making money online?

I think these questions often get confused because to me making money from your PC is not a job so much, but a means to make extra cash, if you turn into a lot of cash, then great! Now you may be wondering "Do jobs exist?" Work from home jobs do exist!

Work from home is better known to some as "telecommute" basically means working outside of the traditional office, working from your home office. The most common telecommute jobs I have seen were call center related. And yes there are call center jobs and many more.

If you don't want something like that then you can still research other ways to earn money. I know people who have blogs and websites earning them money, other people do freelance work and some have their own online business.

At some point I do hope to place a list of possible work at home jobs for interested people to view. I know most people are going to prefer that over building a website.

As far as work at home jobs go, I use a trusted website li…

Welcome To My True View On Making Money Online

I am new to the whole work at home, job at home, cash at home type of genre so to speak. I do know a bit about HTML, blogging, Adsense and social networks but not enough to say I am a guru, because I am not. I have done blogs in the past that didn't make it far so I hope this one will be the one to out due those other crum bum blogs!

First off though I want to introduce myself, my name is Lee-Ann and I am from Parrsboro Nova Scotia, living in Amherst now, a town slightly bigger then Parrsboro. I am 24 years old and basically struggle to find work, so a part of me wanted to turn to the Internet as my source of hopeful income. The only money I have ever received was back in 2005 from surveylion. Survey lion is a survey site for anyone interested. Survey lion sent me a check of $10.00 bucks for doing 1 survey. I eventually grew tired of surveys but that's ok, because I am back to try and make it all work again! The only other money is my adsense which only has $10.00 bucks or so,…