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How to stay motivated when trying to earn some cash online

The big thing I am seeing lately and still see is mass amounts of people signing up to work at home forums asking the same question's. It is like everyone expects some easy road map laid out. Well I am here to tell you it is no easy road map and if it was we ALL would be doing it!

Yes you can work from home and yes you can earn side income or extra spending cash. It will come down to how much time you are willing to invest in whatever you plan on doing. Right now my main focus is Web Perspectives, Slice The Pie and TranscribeMe!

If you are not aware Web Perspectives is a survey website, you earn points for each survey. The easiest thing I have found is cashing 1,000 points in for $10 paypal payouts. I have not withdrawn my earnings from Slice The Pie but will be. And TranscribeMe! is something I just joined today and already earned $6.32 for 12 minutes of audio which in short is 75 short files. Yeah it sounds crazy but I like only doing short 8-15 second audio files.

Anyways it is…

Requested Payouts Today

I finally got around to requesting a payout from web perspectives and Swagbucks. Sometime this month or next month I should be getting $20.00 dollars in my paypal for doing surveys with web perspectives and a $5.00 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks.

So once that goes through I would have made $40 in total with this survey company. Sometimes I delete survey invitations by mistake so I probably could have more. I also am waiting for some surveys to get approved which will give me another $10 dollars just like that. The surveys range from 50 points to 300 points, more points the longer the survey. 50 points is the same as 50 cents and 300 points is the same as $3.00 dollars. So if you do many or all these can add up. It is just a matter of waiting for the companies to approve your surveys which can take a long time sometimes.

Swagbucks is not as rewarding, it takes longer. After a month of messing around on the site though I at last had enough for my $5.00 Amazon gift card.

Once I get the …

Why Is Finding Work At Home Jobs So Hard?

To give a detailed answer that makes sense I want to first explain that the problem could be how you are searching for work at home jobs. If you go to google and type in "Work At Home" you will get: 5,300,000,000 results at current. Out of all those results you can bet that some websites are garbage just trying to sell you something and others lieing and trying to offer you something other than a job...

Of course there are ways to get around the garbage and find jobs a bit easier. Here is a list of websites I enjoy viewing jobs on:

That is just some of many, many websites. A lot of forums also may list work at home jobs, so be sure to check those out too.

It takes finding the right…

Transcription With Scribie

For a couple years I had growing interest in transcription and figured it was time to try it out. I found a company that hires new people. I never did transcription in my life but  I passed the transcription test so I am in.

For transcribing 6 minutes of audio you get $1.00. Honestly I think this is a terrible price, but I don't know what is and isn't a good price for transcription. The 3 files I've done so far seemed to be interview related or presentation related. Since I am new it took me an hour unfortunately to transcribe 6 minutes of audio.

So yeah, 3 hours of work = $3.00... I imagine for people who have done it for years though, it probably is much easier and they can make cash a bit quicker. I am hoping to make extra cash with the website, and find work with a better paying website. Assuming that is possible.

I will write a post later letting everyone know how I am doing and letting people know if I get paid. Its through paypal so I believe I will.

Slice The Pie, Quick Overview

I am always on the lookout for extra ways to make cash. Slice The Pie is pretty interesting. You listen to music, which is bands for the most part not famous or anything and write a review. Now I am earning small amounts of change, but you can listen to 90 seconds of audio and then submit the review.

My best review earned me 11 cents, while my worst was 5 cents. I know you are probably thinking, not worth the time. These types of opportunities shouldn't be taken as a full time job... This is a way to earn extra cash!

 This is fun if you like music. The higher your ranking means the more you get for each review. I tend on keeping up with this site. You need $10.00 dollars before you can get payout. So far I earned $.85 cents for my first time using the service, so I see promise. It might take some time but I am just looking for side money.

Signup To SliceThePie Here

My Thoughts On Using Your Forum Signature To Get Traffic

Can I get traffic by putting a link to my website in my signature?

Yes, you can. But you need to post to the forum with good post not crap post like "wow thanks for the tip" There is nothing wrong with that sometimes, but its better to add to the post, ask a question, offer advice.

You should try and make a name for yourself on a forum, if you are offering good advice than chances are someone will click on your link to see what you do on your blog or website.

Do not underestimate the power of this free way to gain traffic.

Can I post a link to my website in the post I make?

No! That usually is marked as a spam post. Some websites allow links to other websites if it is useful to the post itself. But normally this is a no-no and classified as self promotion. This is what the signature is for, put the website there. That way every post you make will show your signature and you won't be breaking rules.

You can use google analytics for free to track where your traffic is comin…

55 Swagbucks Away From A $5 Amazon Gift Card

I'll be honest, I get discouraged easily when it feels like it is taking long to get a reward, however I did slack off for a week there and never bothered coming to the website.

Originally I wanted to get a $5.00 Paypal card, but it cost 700 SB (Swag Bucks) Seeing that an Amazon card is much less, I think I'll be doing that. I do have some things I want to order from the website so when I earn enough points I can get my amazon card to go towards those purchases.

May as well save money somehow right? And it is easy. Everyday I easily can get swag bucks by doing the daily poll, sometimes a survey and the search bar. Playing games and watching videos is another way to earn with Swag Bucks.

Come On Over And Earn Some Swagbucks

Blogging For Fun VS Blogging For Money

The first blog I made was made for the purpose of trying to make money, and some fun but not much. I focused to hard on the money aspect that I lost the joy of making a blog. Sad but true... Later down the road I made the decision to use adsense and some affiliate links with no expection of making any money from this. I wanted to focus on content and traffic.

Easier said then done, there is a lot of work involved in writing your own blog post and generating traffic. This is a big reason why you should make sure to blog about stuff you like and know about. My main blog is about World of Warcraft its a blog about making gold in the game. I have large traffic burst and then the traffic will die down. This is because of lack of driving traffic to the blog.

Now if you are doing your blog strictly as fun and don't give a hoot about money opportunities then chances are you won't care about driving traffic much either. I guess it depends though.

I think some of the pros for blogging f…

My First $4.00 Day With Adsense

I am writing today to inform my readers that yesterday was my first big earning day with adsense. I hope this means more good days to come. I earned $4.38 to be exact. I am quite pumped about it.

I have been using adsense for about 2 years and have not met the target area for payment yet but I am hoping by Christmas 2012 I will get my first adsense check. Keep in mind I had months of not blogging or writing articles so that always declines things.

I have read though that some people have taken a very long time until they started earning with adsense. It takes time and effort, work hard and you will see success.

Now I want to introduce a book by Lisa Irby called: Untold Adsense Facts, Get The PDF Book Here
This is an excellent ebook, 27 pages in length and I suggest new and even seasoned bloggers to read this if you have adsense or are thinking of signing up.

Top 5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Trying to get traffic can be a real pain at times. Let me tell you though that it is a rewarding feeling, especially when people start leaving comments. And if you have adsense or maybe a referral banner on your website then even more reasons to get excited when you start getting people clicking your adsense or signing up under you.

1) Joining Forums - Join a forum related to your blog niche. Keep in mind to never post your link in a thread post. There is a section called "Signature" Here you can place a link to your website for others to click if they choose too. When you join a forum you shouldn't go in making sloppy/spam post. Be decent, make good post, help others and ask your own questions.

Example of how to post a signature, one of the forums I use, uses this for HTML:

2) Using Youtube - If you are not afraid to make a video this is a good route to go. I have been able to get a lot of traffic to my World of Warcraft blog by using youtube. I took the time to make info…

Swag Bucks, Something Different

I heard a lot of people talking about Swag bucks but didn't know to much about it. So I signed up wanting to see what it is exactly. You do things that earn you swag bucks which are used towards prizes.

I was on the website for an hour and earned 42 swag bucks. In that time all I did was sign up, upload my picture, did a poll, downloaded the swag bucks bar, did a search using the bar and watched Swag bucks TV.

Now I am a bit disappointed after watching probably 5-6 different videos I only earned 3 swag bucks. I think a random amount is generated so I can't complain. I tried the games which are free, they were fun but you are only awarded swag bucks periodically.

What can I do with Swag bucks?

Swag bucks can be used in the Swag Store. I browsed and noticed gift cards, trading cards, Posters, MP3 Tracks, DVDs, Jewelry, coffee makers and so much more.

Now like most sites that offer prizes you need a lot of Swag bucks in order to get a prize. They do offer Paypal cash.

Swag Bucks n…

Decent Survey Companies

A great way to make some extra income or even extra shopping cash is to take part in surveys. I am going to list some companies below:

Global Test Market - AU, CA, UK and US

When you do surveys on this site you earn marketpoints. 1000 Marketpoints is redeemable for $50.00 cash. Market points do expire 3 years from the date of award, or if you are inactive for 12 months. Currently the only payment option is check.

Survey Club - AU, CA, UK and US

Survey club will pay you $10.00 through paypal once you account reaches that balance. I believe you can also get checks.

Opinion Outpost African American - CA, US

You can redeem points for instant cash and be payed through paypal or get other rewards.

Opinion Outpost - Hispanic - CA, US

The same as the top site, You can redeem points for instant cash and be payed through paypal or get other rewards.

Intelius - US

Global Survey Group - US

Paid Surveys At Home - US

Mindfield Online - US

NDP Online Research - CA

Sometimes there is cash rewards, ot…

Update On Adsense Earnings

Well I am nowhere near close to getting a check but I can proudly say the last couple days I have been earning here and there. Keep in mind I have not been doing anything to drive traffic for over a week probably

So yeah the account is old but that is ok. I believe I could of been earning more but I will be honest as bad as this is when stress targets me I don't blog, and the last while a lot has been! I hope in the weeks to come to post to this blog more though. If you read this why not leave a comment and tell us about your adsense earnings?