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My First $4.00 Day With Adsense

I am writing today to inform my readers that yesterday was my first big earning day with adsense. I hope this means more good days to come. I earned $4.38 to be exact. I am quite pumped about it.

I have been using adsense for about 2 years and have not met the target area for payment yet but I am hoping by Christmas 2012 I will get my first adsense check. Keep in mind I had months of not blogging or writing articles so that always declines things.

I have read though that some people have taken a very long time until they started earning with adsense. It takes time and effort, work hard and you will see success.

Now I want to introduce a book by Lisa Irby called: Untold Adsense Facts, Get The PDF Book Here
This is an excellent ebook, 27 pages in length and I suggest new and even seasoned bloggers to read this if you have adsense or are thinking of signing up.

Top 5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Trying to get traffic can be a real pain at times. Let me tell you though that it is a rewarding feeling, especially when people start leaving comments. And if you have adsense or maybe a referral banner on your website then even more reasons to get excited when you start getting people clicking your adsense or signing up under you.

1) Joining Forums - Join a forum related to your blog niche. Keep in mind to never post your link in a thread post. There is a section called "Signature" Here you can place a link to your website for others to click if they choose too. When you join a forum you shouldn't go in making sloppy/spam post. Be decent, make good post, help others and ask your own questions.

Example of how to post a signature, one of the forums I use, uses this for HTML:

2) Using Youtube - If you are not afraid to make a video this is a good route to go. I have been able to get a lot of traffic to my World of Warcraft blog by using youtube. I took the time to make info…

Swag Bucks, Something Different

I heard a lot of people talking about Swag bucks but didn't know to much about it. So I signed up wanting to see what it is exactly. You do things that earn you swag bucks which are used towards prizes.

I was on the website for an hour and earned 42 swag bucks. In that time all I did was sign up, upload my picture, did a poll, downloaded the swag bucks bar, did a search using the bar and watched Swag bucks TV.

Now I am a bit disappointed after watching probably 5-6 different videos I only earned 3 swag bucks. I think a random amount is generated so I can't complain. I tried the games which are free, they were fun but you are only awarded swag bucks periodically.

What can I do with Swag bucks?

Swag bucks can be used in the Swag Store. I browsed and noticed gift cards, trading cards, Posters, MP3 Tracks, DVDs, Jewelry, coffee makers and so much more.

Now like most sites that offer prizes you need a lot of Swag bucks in order to get a prize. They do offer Paypal cash.

Swag Bucks n…

Decent Survey Companies

A great way to make some extra income or even extra shopping cash is to take part in surveys. I am going to list some companies below:

Global Test Market - AU, CA, UK and US

When you do surveys on this site you earn marketpoints. 1000 Marketpoints is redeemable for $50.00 cash. Market points do expire 3 years from the date of award, or if you are inactive for 12 months. Currently the only payment option is check.

Survey Club - AU, CA, UK and US

Survey club will pay you $10.00 through paypal once you account reaches that balance. I believe you can also get checks.

Opinion Outpost African American - CA, US

You can redeem points for instant cash and be payed through paypal or get other rewards.

Opinion Outpost - Hispanic - CA, US

The same as the top site, You can redeem points for instant cash and be payed through paypal or get other rewards.

Intelius - US

Global Survey Group - US

Paid Surveys At Home - US

Mindfield Online - US

NDP Online Research - CA

Sometimes there is cash rewards, ot…