Top 5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Trying to get traffic can be a real pain at times. Let me tell you though that it is a rewarding feeling, especially when people start leaving comments. And if you have adsense or maybe a referral banner on your website then even more reasons to get excited when you start getting people clicking your adsense or signing up under you.

1) Joining Forums - Join a forum related to your blog niche. Keep in mind to never post your link in a thread post. There is a section called "Signature" Here you can place a link to your website for others to click if they choose too. When you join a forum you shouldn't go in making sloppy/spam post. Be decent, make good post, help others and ask your own questions.

Example of how to post a signature, one of the forums I use, uses this for HTML:

2) Using Youtube - If you are not afraid to make a video this is a good route to go. I have been able to get a lot of traffic to my World of Warcraft blog by using youtube. I took the time to make informative videos about how people can get gold in the game. Gold is the games currency which is needed to buy stuff.

Make sure to search keywords for your video too for people can find you. I also commented on WoW videos which helped bring people to my channel and asked questions. Just like a forum you should make excellent content that helps solve an issue or show something new.

3) Writing Articles - This was the first step I learned about a few years ago. You will have to search keywords and I advise using google's adword keyword tool:  Click Here For Google Keyword Tool
You can find keywords with low competition but high search volume, this can help. If you have a twitter account you can share your article with others this way or tell facebook friends. Don't harass your family and friends though, especially if they have no interest in your niche.

Getting traffic from articles is not an overnight thing though. There is no guarantee someone will read your whole article and then read your author box where your homepage link may be. Like all traffic techniques this one takes time and if you write bad articles of little interest, or offer nothing to the reader you may not see good results.

4) Comment On Other Blogs - For example, if your blog is about World of Warcraft you can easily visit google and type something in like "World of Warcraft blogspot" this should bring up links to blogs with ".blogspot" in the address. Now I have to say don't comment to every blog you see. Some blogs are full of ads or add little value to their readers. You should legit find a blog, read it, if you like it leave comments. It doesn't have to be just on blogspot blogs though, some websites allow you to leave comments with a link to your own website which could work in your favor.

Remember not to do spam type post. Small comments like "hey great article" or "I agree!" may not give you many clicks. If you actually enjoyed the post you read, writing a thoughtful comment should come easier.

5) Ping O Matic - Every time you post something new to your blog head over to: Ping O Matic  This site updates search engines that your blog has updated. Honestly I don't know if this helps hugely but every blogger I talked to and research I have done always says to do this. And it doesn't take 2 minutes, so it is easy enough!

Well this is the end of my post. Just so people do know there is defiantly way more than 5 ways to get traffic. I wanted to share the ones I do on a almost constant basis. And these ones have given me results.

Need more information on traffic techniques? Visit these trusted sources:
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If you still need help, I advise searching a forum about driving traffic to websites, search google, hubpages and youtube. You will learn pretty quick what good and bad articles, blogs and videos look like :)


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