Slice The Pie, Quick Overview

I am always on the lookout for extra ways to make cash. Slice The Pie is pretty interesting. You listen to music, which is bands for the most part not famous or anything and write a review. Now I am earning small amounts of change, but you can listen to 90 seconds of audio and then submit the review.

My best review earned me 11 cents, while my worst was 5 cents. I know you are probably thinking, not worth the time. These types of opportunities shouldn't be taken as a full time job... This is a way to earn extra cash!

 This is fun if you like music. The higher your ranking means the more you get for each review. I tend on keeping up with this site. You need $10.00 dollars before you can get payout. So far I earned $.85 cents for my first time using the service, so I see promise. It might take some time but I am just looking for side money.

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  1. Very nice information. I appreciated your writing skill. I got good information on your site. Thanks for sharing with us. how to get money fast

  2. Thank you for the comment! I hope you read my recent payout post, I think I mention in there that I was requesting my 2nd payout with Slice The Pie. :)


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