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For a couple years I had growing interest in transcription and figured it was time to try it out. I found a company that hires new people. I never did transcription in my life but  I passed the transcription test so I am in.

For transcribing 6 minutes of audio you get $1.00. Honestly I think this is a terrible price, but I don't know what is and isn't a good price for transcription. The 3 files I've done so far seemed to be interview related or presentation related. Since I am new it took me an hour unfortunately to transcribe 6 minutes of audio.

So yeah, 3 hours of work = $3.00... I imagine for people who have done it for years though, it probably is much easier and they can make cash a bit quicker. I am hoping to make extra cash with the website, and find work with a better paying website. Assuming that is possible.

I will write a post later letting everyone know how I am doing and letting people know if I get paid. Its through paypal so I believe I will.


  1. When you get used to their system, you can do a file in about 20 minutes, if you can type fast and transcribe accurately. The great thing is that you can review the file you've just worked on which makes it easier to assign the speakers.

    I've gotten to the point where I can do a file and review it in about an hour.

    The pause function in Express Scribe is very helpful because then you do not have to do a lot of rewinding.

    I have a system: type out the file with pausing, the first time around, replay it at a different speed, the second read through to catch any errors. This results in better transcripts.

    I discuss the earning potential over at Write and Earn a Living. Planning on a set number of files to do each day can mean the difference between dollars and a couple of hundred each month.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. I have not logged into Scribie in sometime because I got frustrated with it. I do want to try again though as my earnings are up to $7.13. I am going to take a look at your site it looks interesting. Good points and again thank you for the comment.

  2. Hi. checking out legality of Scribie, I came across your site. I reviewed the Scribie. I see they ask us to listen to Express Scribe. I also noticed that we don't need to put timestamp on inaudibles. Have you tried using the Inqscribe? If you try to listen from there, the audio is much clearer.

  3. Yeah I believe timestamps is the reviewers job. We just transcribe the audio and that is it, of course following their guidelines. I never heard of Inqscribe but might be worth checking out, thanks!


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