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How to stay motivated when trying to earn some cash online

The big thing I am seeing lately and still see is mass amounts of people signing up to work at home forums asking the same question's. It is like everyone expects some easy road map laid out. Well I am here to tell you it is no easy road map and if it was we ALL would be doing it!

Yes you can work from home and yes you can earn side income or extra spending cash. It will come down to how much time you are willing to invest in whatever you plan on doing. Right now my main focus is Web Perspectives, Slice The Pie and TranscribeMe!

If you are not aware Web Perspectives is a survey website, you earn points for each survey. The easiest thing I have found is cashing 1,000 points in for $10 paypal payouts. I have not withdrawn my earnings from Slice The Pie but will be. And TranscribeMe! is something I just joined today and already earned $6.32 for 12 minutes of audio which in short is 75 short files. Yeah it sounds crazy but I like only doing short 8-15 second audio files.

Anyways it is…