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Surprises After Checking Paypal...

Most of the websites I have earned small amounts of money from were the type of sites where you had to send the request for money. I looked in just to check on Paypal and was happy to see Pollbuzzer sent me $1.00 and iDictate/Quicktate sent me .44 cents. I am surprised that Quicktate didn't make me wait until I had more money but hey no point in complaining that is 1.44 I didn't have.

Here is a snapshot of those earnings =)

I will go over what pollbuzzer and idictate/quicktate are. Pollbuzzer is fun but I find there are not many surveys or questions. For ever question you answer you earn a dollar. I do like I didn't have to withdraw my $1.00 and they just sent it, that is swell.

If it sounds interesting, Sign Up Here!
Use a valid email, you will be sent invites for the questions to the signup email address :)

I think Quicktate is a good website for people just starting transcription the files are not long. I know my first payment was only .44 cents but the work comes and g…

More Payment Proof

A couple of things I do reached payout level a while back and I had the screenshot ready but seemed to forget to do the post so I am doing it now! Alright so I was doing Slice The Pie for some time and first and only payout with them so far reached $16.00. I know it might not seem like much but it is money, it helps.

So you can see by the picture above I got 16.00 from Slice The Pie on November 19th 2012.

And lastly Web Perspectives, which is a survey company. I was able to get a $20.00 payout from them.

Again not a lot of money but that is extra cash right there. $36.00 bucks. Of course that just went towards helping with Christmas but it works.

Promoted on Humanatic!

I have been off and on signing into Humanatic now to build up a small cash pile. Because of a bonus my earnings are now $5.38.

I got a surprise email today saying I have been promoted. So now I will be listening to Inventory Discussion and (Reason Not Connected) calls. Should be interesting.

I have not got a payout from Humanatic but I am working on it. It is an ok site for sure. Can't quit your day job but can make a few extra cents that add up. I am figuring if your super good at it and get daily bonuses then the website is probably worth doing.

I check the leaderboard on the website from time to time, a frequent person i see is 'Renesmee" who today has earned $28.75 so far. My earnings do not come close to people on the leaderboard. I do have an offline job though that is full time so that is probably why, well that and my still learning stage.

The above video will explain in better detail what Humanatic is about!

This is a very good post about it so I encourage you to see …