Surprises After Checking Paypal...

Most of the websites I have earned small amounts of money from were the type of sites where you had to send the request for money. I looked in just to check on Paypal and was happy to see Pollbuzzer sent me $1.00 and iDictate/Quicktate sent me .44 cents. I am surprised that Quicktate didn't make me wait until I had more money but hey no point in complaining that is 1.44 I didn't have.

Here is a snapshot of those earnings =)

I will go over what pollbuzzer and idictate/quicktate are. Pollbuzzer is fun but I find there are not many surveys or questions. For ever question you answer you earn a dollar. I do like I didn't have to withdraw my $1.00 and they just sent it, that is swell.

If it sounds interesting, Sign Up Here!  
Use a valid email, you will be sent invites for the questions to the signup email address :)

I think Quicktate is a good website for people just starting transcription the files are not long. I know my first payment was only .44 cents but the work comes and goes with this website. I work a full time job offline so its hard to be signed in constantly.

If you want to learn more, Signup here

Well I wanted to share this because I was excited to see some random money appear. =)


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