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Payouts Feb 1st 2013

I have been a member of Scribie for a long time, I hardly do much on the website because I either don't have the time or just lose interest. The pay is low but I won't be to harsh because this website has taught me a lot in regards to transcription and how the audio quality can sound.

The website does note that withdrawals less than $30.00 are charged a 2% fee. While withdrawals of $30 or more are free. It took me sometime to get my earnings up with this site but I have decided to withdrawal my earnings to make sure I am paid. I am sure I will be, but just in case.

So you can see my earnings were $8.92, 5 cents of that is referral earnings. So they took off .18 cents to send that payment. I guess that kind of sucks but its only .18 cents. I would not of deducted it early but I need to make sure they are going to pay me before I continue transcribing for the company.

I also have requested my 2nd payout from Slice The Pie. I love Slice The Pie. And I got my payment in one day!