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New video about Hits4Pay

Feel free to check out my video just posted to youtube about Hits4Pay!

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My Favourite PTC Website

Most PTC websites pay you 1-2 cents per ad you view while others pay half a penny or "0.001" for example. Most people I know who make money on these websites build their down line and make their money using the down line.

I have joined a few sites, the earning is slow but I am at least earning. I have o say, so far though Hits4Pay is my favourite. I got a $5.00 signup bonus and looked at 12 ads which made me .24 cents, 2 cents per add. Better than nothing!

If I clicked everyday for a month, viewing that amount that would be $7.20. Think of how much more with referrals clicking to!

Stay tuned for future post as I try to build my down line.

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Make Extra Cash At Home (Experiment)

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and dandy today. I have been trying to find other ways to start earning more extra cash from my home computer. I do work a full time job but I need more money due to life events happening at this time. Now that I lost Web Perspectives for the time being, I am on the hunt for more ways to make money.

Today's post is going to be about PTC/offer type websites. I have done PTC websites in the past and got discouraged, I never gave them a sure shot though and I know there are people out there making some money with these websites.

I have never been a member of FusionCash so I joined this website since it had a $5.00 signup bonus. While on the website I noticed they have surveys you can do. I completed my profiles and earned .50 cents from that. I browsed the website a bit and it appears for the most part you can do offers to make money some are free and others require a credit card. I never have been a fan of offers in the past but will try it agai…

Web Perspectives Update

So after waiting for probably a month or more, Web Perspectives finally emailed me back. I emailed them in regards to the paypal payment option being removed. I won't post the email but here is the most important part:

"Since March 15th Paypal has been removed until further notice whilst we look to improve the way in which our panellists redeem rewards."

The email does not tell me when or if paypal will be put back onto the website. Sadly I won't be doing any surveys for the next bit with this company because I have no interest in their other reward options. For anyone else going through the same hope this post helps.

What Happened To Web Perspectives?

Web Perspectives was my favorite survey site. Once you hit 1,000 points you can choose a reward. I always chose paypal which met I got $10 bucks. Recently after logging in I had seen I could claim my reward. You click that option to request payout.

Well this is what I saw upon doing that:

I do not like sounding picky but none of those options interest me. I just want the money because I actually do transfer that money to my bank account to use. I even went as far as emailing Web Perspectives to ask them what happened to the Paypal option and I never got a response. I may email them again, keep in mind this was nearly a month ago.

Needless to say I am disappointed. For whatever reason you cannot transfer to paypal and they do not tell you why it was even removed. Due to lack of communication I have stopped doing surveys for this website. I am hoping my complaint is resolved before continuing. I am sharing this because the times I post about this website I made it very clear in those po…