Make Money With MintCoins Phone App

Aside from earning money online we can now start earning using our phone apps. You can find apps to save money on shopping, paid to task apps or apps like MintCoins.

What is MintCoins?

 The app is free to install just a FYI. Basically you get paid to complete offers. My favourite would be downloading a free app and starting it up. I always delete the app afterwards if I don't like it. You can also complete surveys.

The above picture is an example of what you can do to earn money. The points is the same as cents really. 4 cents for downloading a game and opening may not seem like much but it can add up fast!

How Am I Payed?

You just need $1.00 to cash out! Which will be sent to your paypal.

As you can it is fairly simple. I am able to cashout today and plan on doing so to get that extra money in my paypal.

Make More By Inviting People!

It may take some time on your own reaching the payout. If there is enough stuff ready on the app you could reach it in one day. There always is more money with people on your friend list though. You can earn $.25 cents for inviting friends! View the next picture for a more detailed description.

What Are People Saying About This App?

Its nice that we can read comments now on apps and much more to see if they are legit. Here is a picture of comments. I blanked out the names with black for privacy purposes.

If you think it sounds interesting please sign up and give it a shot. I have personally had no issues with the app since installing it. And like I said if I download something from it I don't like, I just remove it.

Join me with invite code - by5oCns99


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