When Did I Start Making Money Online?

I may of already mentioned this on my blog but will mention it again. Around late 2008-2009 I had started seeing advertisements for work at home jobs posting ads. I was a complete newbie and Internet cautious but seeing the payment proof pictures and seeing the big houses and nice cars made me think "I could do this"

At this point I already had my first Visa with my local bank and had a job but wanted to learn more. I wasn't thinking to much about the fact some websites were asking for one time payments of $49.99 or whatever it may of been at the time. A lot of disappointment came with buying these programs. The only one I don't regret buying is Profit Lance because it did actually show me how to make a blog and traffic techniques. I am embarrassed but if I think about it, I probably have spent at least $500 dollars on programs and membership websites to learn about making money online. The first site I ever paid for turned out to actually be a website that just showed you how to use clickbank and google adwords. Funny enough every sale I made I lost because people wanted their money back, maybe I was promoting the wrong websites? Due to that experience I am not really into affiliate marketing so much but off and on I rotate ads on my blogs to include affiliate links.

I gave up a lot during my journey to try and get anywhere with earning a living online. Thankfully I did start going to forums until later on and actually learning truth from people making money. I was a believer when I started that it could happen over night... Well it doesn't, it doesn't matter what a website is telling you, you won't make money right away. Frankly the only way I can even see money being made right away is to do trial offers on a website like cashcrate, and even then you need to reach the cashout which means it won't be "right away".

The first money I made online was through Survey Lion, they sent me a $5.00 dollar check in the mail. It was at that point I knew I could do it but it would be a while. To this day I cannot remember if it was 2009 or 2010, but around then is when I got that check.

Below is a history of my payments with things I tried online,

The blackout line on 3 spots is another paypal I use that gets payment for Slice The Pie. So in other words I have been paid 3 times from Slice The Pie.

I am not embarrassed by any of that and the fact its so spread out. I want my blog to be about the truth and this is the truth. So you can see I am not millionaire and cannot quit my day job but have a dream that someday I will.  I will just go over each section here and who the payments came from.

1) Research Now Inc - I am happy I earned $50.00 dollars with this website. That is a survey website, Web Perspectives. I have bad news about them though, they took away the method for paypal and emailed me back saying it was removed for a now, very sad as they owe me $17.00 dollars but I don't want a card for Chapters or anything would rather just have the cash.

At current you can earn rewards through Chapters, Golf Town, Cineplex Odeon, Canadian Cancer Society, 10 Puretracks Music Downloads,  50 Air Miles Reward Miles, WoWHd.ca. I suppose those would be good for somebody else but not so much for me.

Signup To Web Perspectives Here

2) Slice The Pie - So far I have made $35.00 dollars with Slice The Pie. I really like this website, you get paid to review music. Sometimes I get emails about priority tracks which can earn more then a regular reviewing session. Normally I earn between 2-8 cents a review but can earn more with more in detail reviews. During a priority track session I can earn anywhere from 10-20 cents a review.

Signup To Slice The Pie here

3) Pollbuzzer - Pollbuzzer is pretty much a survey type website that pays you a dollar to for every survey question answered. The only not so great thing is since joining up I have only had the opportunity to earn $2.00 dollars. In their FAQ they mention that it depends on your demographic profile. So if the clients see you don't meet this you won't get part in the survey. It is a nice way to earn money quick though when the opportunity does come around.

Signup To Pollbuzzer Here

4) Idictate And Quicktate - I like this earning opportunity and they pay you even if you earned just .01 cent! Quicktate is a transcription website, you can get paid to transcribe short files usually 10 seconds to 2 minutes at most I noticed. I have not earned much with the website but am thankful to get paid and I don't log in everyday so once I start logging in more I hope to see higher earnings.

Signup To Quicktate Here

5) Scribie - Another transcription website. Scribie is alright but some files can be very hard to understand or have multi speakers. This was a great beginner site for me though as I learned the tougher side to Transcription. You get paid $1.00 dollar for transcribing 6 minutes of audio. I am still new so it takes me a while but with time hope to earn faster with the website!

Signup To Scribie Here

6) MindFreeLabs - I am not 100% on this but I did request payout for 1.50 from my phone app "MintCouns" I think this payment came from MintCoins as its the only thing I was doing with a payment of 1.50 recently. This is a good app you can download other apps to your phone and earn coins. 5 coins is the same as 5 cents really. Bit of a slow earner but very easy. If interested review my last post about them.

Other than that I am other accounts where I just can't seem to make my payment threshold for numerous reasons really. The biggest being I don't spend enough time doing what I do online. My excuse is because of having an offline job but I need to change that. In the future I hope to share more payment stories with everyone reading my blog.

Also stay tuned I am in the process of making some more videos for my youtube channel which I will post here to! =)


  1. The only one I don't regret buying is Profit Lance because it did actually show me how to make a blog and traffic techniques. http://www.chillyads.com/pets/rabbits/


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