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Earn Shared Revenue On Bubblews

I discovered this website on a blog I read and wanted to join when I saw the advantages of what you can write about. I joined Bubblews, June 10th 2013. I posted 1 article and then was MIA for quite some time. The entire time I was MIA I thought my username was "NSCountryGal" Come to find out I left the L off so its actually "NSCountryGa". So I started posting again June 23rd 2013. The 12 days I did not post anything my only article earned me $1.08. So right away I knew I had to get on this website and write more. I was able to earn $4.86 over the last 5 days. 

Now Bubblews doesn't pay you upfront or a flate fee this is is based on revenue share. You get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike, and social media shares that your article gets. So even if the article is just sitting there as long as people keep viewing it, you will earn some income.

I have made a lot of connections with people of the website so every time they post I read their post and either lik…

Work At Home Goals

When you think about working at home, do you set goals? What do you want to accomplish? Tons of people say they want to work at home but don't follow through for personal reasons or frankly just giving up... How does one recover from the loss of feeling they failed? I think we have all been down that road.

Every time I have begin a new journey making money online it ended bad usually.. It is easy to get discouraged when some of the things you do offers low pay compared to high. Make yourself a clear goal such as "I want a work at home job", "I want a work at home business", "I want to be an nonindependent contractor"

A lot of people don't realize some work at home jobs are low paying and do not TAKE off your taxes which in return will make you a an nonindependent contractor. Most sites explain this though before you sign up. Some work at home jobs actually pay you an hourly rage with benefits.

Be sure to check websites and do research i…

Interesting Way To Make Some Money Online

I heard about Digital Generation before but didn't bother visiting the website until recently. You can signup for a free account and download their software which runs on your PC. If I understand correctly the software measures core performance coming from your computer. All you do is signup then download and let the software run.

They advertise that you can earn $1.00 a day, I think you need to let your computer run 24/7 though, which I did not do. My earnings at current are $2.74.

Here is a  picture from earlier today to show you how it looks:

On the website you can also purchase threads... 1 thread is free and earns a dollar a day while the rest can increase your earnings. I am not sure how I feel about doing that though. I just want to test the software and see if I get paid.

At current they pay you through Paxum, Prefect Money and Payza.

The software has not hurt my computer or caused any viruses as far as I can tell. It doesn't slow it down either so it seems worth doin…

Tellwut Survey Panel Review

I was browsing one of my favorite WAH websites and came across Tellwut the other day. This website looked interesting so I wanted to check it out.

The bad news is that this website doesn't pay in paypal money, instead gift cards. I have nothing against gift cards as long as its to something of interest to me. At current this is what they offer:

$10 Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (US Only)
$10 Future Shop Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (Canada Only)
$10 Best Buy Canada Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (Canada Only)
$10 Cineplex Gift Card - Points 4,200 (Canada Only)
$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card - Points 4,200 (US and Canada)
$10 Home Depot Gift Card - Points: 4,500 (US Only)
$10 Tango Card - Points: 4,500 (US Only)
$15 Gift Card (Canada Only) - Pints: 6,000 (Canada Only)
$25 Gift Card - Points: 10,000 (US Only)
$25 Walmart Gift Card - Points: 10,000 (US and Canada)
Tellwut T-Shirt XL - Points: 15,000
$50 Gift Card - Points: 20,000 (US Only)
$50 Winners Gift Card -…