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What Is Bubblews?

I had someone comment on one of my post and thought it might be a good time to talk about Bubblews more and what the website is about. Bubblews is a place with free expression so to speak. You can write about a lot of topics on this website.

You can place pictures in your post as well. The website does have issues though, sometimes slow loading or being down for maintenance.They will not pay people for copying someone else's work and if a picture is not yours make sure to link where the picture came from.

Most my writings on the website are personal so to speak about me and my life but I also write about stuff I do online to make money. You are paid based on every view, like, dislike and comment you receive I think you also get paid if someone shares your article through media like facebook, twitter, etc.

This website is revenue share so remember that, it means the pay is not so good. However I did get paid $25 and just clicked for another $25. In order to be paid you need at leas…

July Payments

July has been a very good month for me in regards to extra cash I have made online. I will be posting a picture below from my 2 paypal accounts. So far I must say Bubblews is a very positive experience for me. I just clicked on for my 2nd payment from the website which should clear in my paypal July 7/30/2013 - 8/1/2013

I know its not a bunch of money but $60 is enough to pay my half of my Internet bill, buy some food or even go out to dinner somewhere. I will be saving it but I am still very happy. So I can proudly say Bubblews does pay! Which is good to know. I will try and make a post later today about bubblews and how to get started.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by! :)

Reached Payout On Bubblews!

Good evening everyone. I can happily say I have at least reached payout on bubblews. I talked about it before in a post letting people know it was a revenue share type website. Within 72 hours I should start the process of actually getting my $25.00 delivered to my paypal account.

The website has been a lot of fun although it took me close to a month to earn the money. However I need to start putting more effort into this website! The picture above I posted a copyright sign on it with my other username "NSCountryGa" It should be Gal but misspelled during signup! If you want to see some stuff I posted feel free to check it out!

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More Payouts

So my program I have running on my computer was acting funny today, it won't connect for some reason. I am worried it won't work now or something so I requested payout. As soon as I requested my payout, $13.67 was sent to my Payza. I feel foolish now, I don't have Payza connected to my bank account so I need to wait for that to happen before getting my money but that is ok, I can wait. Picture below of payment to payza: I am not sure what all I posted for payments last so here is more payments... So you will see I got a payment from The Bux, 2 from my other paypal one of them is for Slice The Pie but not sure of the other... 2 payments from IDictate and MIneFreeLabs or (MineCoins) and shockingly Yovia though I did not need to request it, it just showed up. Its not much money but I am happy with each bit I make, it all helps after all. Even though I lost a lot of motivation I am happy to announce I am up to $20.05 with bubblews! I am $4.95 away from being able to red…

Paid Viewpoint Traitscore Hit 10,000 Today!

Well I am happy to announce that I at last after what felt like many months of doing small surveys I have reached 10,000 traitscore with Paid Viewpoint.

With this traitscore it is said you will get higher rewards, which is what I really want! I still have a ways to go though I need $9.45 until I can cashout. Once I do I will be posting about it, :).

This is what came up after I finished my survey tonight. I've heard good things about this website. This video sums it up good, check it out:

If interested feel free to signup! Signup Here!