What Is Bubblews?

I had someone comment on one of my post and thought it might be a good time to talk about Bubblews more and what the website is about. Bubblews is a place with free expression so to speak. You can write about a lot of topics on this website.

You can place pictures in your post as well. The website does have issues though, sometimes slow loading or being down for maintenance.They will not pay people for copying someone else's work and if a picture is not yours make sure to link where the picture came from.

Most my writings on the website are personal so to speak about me and my life but I also write about stuff I do online to make money. You are paid based on every view, like, dislike and comment you receive I think you also get paid if someone shares your article through media like facebook, twitter, etc.

This website is revenue share so remember that, it means the pay is not so good. However I did get paid $25 and just clicked for another $25. In order to be paid you need at least $25. The website is down right now sadly so I don't know when I will be earning again. Anyways its fun and you can see by my previous post I was paid!

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  1. Thanks for the info. There are an awful lot of ways to make money online. Bubblews sounds interesting- hope they are up and running soon

    1. Thanks, yeah it is an interesting website. They are back up and running now! Hope the site doesn't go down for a while.

    2. Hi Lee,
      The idea is great but i would like to know how much we car earn with this idea ?

      Johnny Depp

      Make Money Online

    3. It depends on how often you write and how active people are on the site. You need views, comments and likes and media shares to earn with bubblews. I have earned $152.92 so far with Bubblews! :)

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    1. Thank you, glad you are finding them helpful.

  6. Well ! I use bubblews website .it seems good. I did a whois lookup by using WhoisXY.com and found it is one of the legit site .


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