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Happy Holidays From Work At Home Gal!

Hey guys, it has been so long since I updated! I am sorry about that I got busy and a lot has happened since my last post. Things I won't get into because their not related to my working at home stuff. I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

I also want to thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, I really do appreciate it. You may notice some comments being deleted. I only delete comments that seem spammy or that are promoting a clickbank product I do not know about. I know there is no way to stop spam but when I can, I delete what I can.

So, How Was 2014?
Well 2014 is coming to a close and I was still working at a call center outside the home up until September 4th or so. Prior to that I had been making money online for many months but not enough to give the job up. So really things didn't get great for me until August 2014 with online earnings. 

In regards to what I wanted to earn, I did not make my goal. However I have learned …

Website Testing With Usertesting!

This is an interesting way to make a quick $10 bucks per test. Usertesting is a website that allows you to signup for free and when test are available and if you qualify you can do a usability test. I have been a member of the site for a while now but only made it into 3 test. Now that is still $30.00 but the work is not steady and some people may just qualify for test more than others. Here is a screenshot of my payments so far with this site:

Note I marked out the URLS. Those are the sites I went to for the test and I am sure they may not want that shared. So you can see the dates are a bit far apart, I can't speak for people getting many test though. I am sure someone out there earns more on this site then I do. And yes all those spots that say "Paid" I was paid each time! :) You will notice some stars and a talk bubble. When mousing over this bubble its steps to do better on the next video or what I did wrong. So you can see I had a good one then a not so good one.


Bubblews Payment On The Way

So 4 days ago I was pretty annoyed with bubblews making a blog post, tweeting them and even going as far as making a video. Now just because I do have one of my payments on the way it doesn't mean that I am all for the new rules. I am and I am not I guess. It is positive to see some money showing up though. Here is a picture of it:

This is a screenshot from my email that I got the other day. I have to say it came out of nowhere so I was quite surprised when it showed up. It been forever since I saw that type of email. I looked at the amount and realized I never screenshot my payment page on October 18th. I am positive this is my payment for October 18th because my other payments are for lower amounts. The one for October 24th is for $50.39 and the one of September 17th is for $50.13. I have not been on bubblews so I came into my account to see something else interesting.

I have never seen a message like this on my bank page before. I clicked into the history tab and there it was. …

Bubblews New Rules And Missing Payments

Made a new video tonight about my missing Bubblews payments and about the new rules for redeeming.

Feel free to comment on the video itself at youtube or even comment here. I know how annoying it is to have missing payments and now I know how other people feel.

More Freebies!

I don't think these P&G freebies will be around for long so make sure to check them out!
If you do not have a login for P&G there will be a link on the page to make an account which is free.

First Link:
With this one you get: 1 Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo (50 ml)
1 Pantene Sheer Volume Conditioner (50 ml)
1 Olay Skin Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
1 Play Body Wash (50 ml)

Second Link:
With this one you get: 1 Tide Pods Laundry Detergent
1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Powder
1 Cascade Platinum Pacs Dishwasher Detergent
1 Bounce Burst in-Wash Scent Booster

It takes 6-8 weeks delivery! But it will come, at least I always have got my samples anyways. Also the site may be down when you show up, just keep trying to get it to go online and all should be well. Enjoy :)

No Payment From Bubblews :(

Back on August 23rd I made a post which also showed a picture of my redeem from Bubblews. In this picture it stated "The current estimated time until the redemption is processed is September 17th.". If your not sure which post I am talking about, you can find it here

Well folks for the first time in a long time Bubblews has not paid me. October 17th is fast approaching which will mean that I have been waiting 60 days past when I hit redeem. Waiting the original 30 days for $50.00 dollars is bad enough but not getting paid at all is worse. I have 2 more redeems that are suppose to show up October 18th and 24th, so I guess we will see. I am not getting my hopes up.

Back in 2013 I was never paid my 4th redeem, I emailed support with no response but continued posting. I didn't think it would happen again, especially with a  bigger amount but it has. I am sure some people are wondering why I no longer post to the site. It has been 2 weeks since I posted anything to bubblews a…

September Earnings Overview

September was probably one of my best months as far as online earnings go which is great. I've added InteliChek to my income stream so that is helpful to make that extra money. So here is some screenshots for everyone can have a look at what I made.

1st Paypal Account:

This paypal account pretty much only gets my Quicktate earnings. As you can see it was a bad month. Not because of Quicktate but because of me. I was so busy with the other sites that I use. October should have slightly higher earnings though.

2nd Paypal Account:

This is my main paypal account. So just to go over what you are looking at.
Usertesting is a site where you can get paid to look at a website and answer questions or voice where something is confusing. You will need a microphone though as it records your voice. I very rarely qualify for these test but I did qualify for one and got paid $10.00 dollars for 20 minutes of work! BBI Marketing is Pinecone Research. I don't get constant surveys from this site bu…

SampleSource Is Live!

The joy of the fall season just gets better when that SampleSource box goes live! This is 100% free, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1:Signup Here    <---- Go to this link and click on the orange button for "New Member, register here"

Step 2: Fill out the box, it will want your name and of course mailing address since you will be shipped free samples.

Step 3: I was already signed up so it took me to do a survey to pick my samples. I think new members get the same page but I am not sure!

Either way it is so simple and easy, just follow the instructions and then wait for your samples to arrive! It is such a fun and great way to get free stuff. Right now this is just open to Canadians but later on one should go live for USA residents as well!

Here Are Some Videos...

This is my video from April 2013 of the box I got of free stuff from Sample Source :)

Not my video but its in the top searches for samplesurce! :)

Anyhow please make sure you get on this ASAP, once the s…

Some Updates On Me And Work At Home Stuff

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted. My last post was about cashing out for a cineplex gift card. I am still waiting for that card to show up but I am confident it will come. I got the other card no problem from them. I was able to cash my Pinecone Research cheque with no issues at the bank! I was worried that they would want to hold money but they didn't so that was very nice for me. Thankfully Pinecone is allowing me to use paypal now which is better for me since I rarely go to the bank. Currently I have over 1,000 points in my Pinecone account. 500 points is the same as $5.00! Not bad really. I could cash out but I am letting it grow a bit first.

And now an update on Bubblews. I have not been posting to Bubblews mainly do to my offline job and some other things happening in my personal life. I think it has been about 25 days since I posted to Bubblews. I hope to start up again though, I did always enjoy the site. On a good note though on August 17th I logged into th…

Another Cashout With Tellwut!

People if you have not joined this site already then you must. This is one of the easiest point sites I have come across! I have already got a $25.00 Wal Mart gift card from them and today I just redeemed for a $10.00 Cineplex movie gift card!

Me and my boyfriend are planning a movie date soon so I figured this would help. July 14th is when I redeemed my Wal Mart card. So it took me about 21 days to earn 4,200 points on my account. I don't think this site is a waste since it does mail members their gift cards. The only downside is that the gift cards can only be used in the USA and Canada.

On an upside the surveys or polls are very quick so it is not long and time consuming like most surveys! Feel free to signup here!

TellWut And Pinecone Research Payment Proof :)

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I posted anything. I have returned back to the call center I work at after being off for about 2 months. I am now back there doing part time days for I can focus more time at home writing and practicing to get better at my online activities.

In the meantime I got my first payout with TellWut. In my previous post I had mentioned I have been with Tellwut since September 2013. It took a very long time to get my first gift card but I was MIA so that is why. It took less than 2 weeks for me to get my $25.00 dollar Wal Mart gift card from Tellwut. I even checked the website on the back to confirm $25 was on it and sure enough it was! So that was very exciting and rewarding! :)

I also got my check from Pinecone Research recently which was for $25.00! So that also was nice. I really like Pinecone Research you get $3.00 per survey. Next time I will be able to cashout on paypal so that will be even better.

Payment Proof:

It even came with a little write …

1st Cashout With Tellwut!

I have been a member of Tellwut for a long time and constantly was on and off the site and even forgot about it at one point. I would say when I forgot about the site I was gone for 6 months for sure. I probably could of cashed out by now but it did not happen. My current point balance is 10,620. All I need is 10,000 to get that Wal Mart gift card. I delayed with getting the card because my address had the wrong apartment number. It is fixed so I just now redeemed a few minutes ago!

The page is cropped because my address and phone number were showing at the bottom before confirming the information. Anyhow I am excited! I just got the regular gift card for I can use it at the store. It may take 15 days until it even sends, but I am ok with that. All sites are different in regards to mailing guidelines.

I have been a member of this site since September 2013 so almost a year. I know you are probably thinking that is to long. You are right it is, however I was MIA from the site for a long…

Web Perspectives Brings Back Paypal Option!

Web Perspectives is a Canadian site where you can take surveys. You get points for taking surveys which can be redeemed for rewards. I always had luck with this site and always chose the reward option of "1,000 points for a $10 dollar paypal transfer".

For a while the site got rid of the paypal option so i stopped doing surveys. I came back recently to find they have returned the paypal reward but now you need 1200 points to get $10 dollars transferred to your paypal.

Here is a list of the rewards:
- Paypal
- Chapters Online Voucher (Can only be used on website,
- Cineplex Admit One Voucher (Can be used at Cineplex Cinema in Canada)
- The Source - Gift code (Can be redeemed on The Source website)
- Air Miles
- Golf Town
- Canadian Cancer Society - You can donate your points into cash to the Canadian Cancer Society

There isn't a mass amount of rewards but there is some and that is good by me. I have used the Chapters voucher which was easy, I just …

ChatAbout - Another Fun Way To Make Extra Cash!

I have been having such a blast with ChatAbout !!!
I had gotten so tired and annoyed with bubblews that I started here. On ChatAbout you earn points for chatting, doing the daily poll, watching videos and of course referrals. There is a survey section and other bonus things you can do to get points as well. Here is my youtube video below about ChatAbout:

You can also use an option to follow a thread if you find it interesting. They also have something called Radio Loyalty. I play this while on ChatAbout and every 10 minutes a captcha will come up, you type it in and you get 2 points added to your account. So you may be wondering how it all works, here is a look at points:

Site Comments - Earns you 1 point
Write A Review - Earns you 5 points
Write an article - Earns you 20 points
Daily Poll - Earns you 5 points
Surveys - Even if you do not qualify for the survey they still give you 1 point!
Refer Friends - If someone clicks onto the link you still get 1 point.

If you are a fast typer li…

Cashouts On The Way!

On my youtube channel I just shared a new video for a video for enroll app. A cool way to make some extra cash, not much but extra... The video is below if you are interested.

This is a video of me briefly explaining what Enroll is. In my video you will note it said I would get paid June10th! Sure enough I got the email this morning of $1.21 from Zurb INC. I also cashed out for the first time today with Humanatic for the amount of $11.66. I know its very low but I want to make sure I get my money and for Slice The Pie, $10.00. Not to bad for the start of June and I am waiting for my Bubblews payment to clear.

It is very nice having the extra money though, and I am working hard each day to try and do this full time, we will see how it goes. I just wanted to share the earning news since I said I would. Thanks for stopping by!

Make Extra Cash With Humanatic!

This is very interesting opportunity and good if you do not want to talk on the phone or do customer service. The pay is very low though. I think the highest you can earn to categorize a call is 2 cents and that is on a certain type of call. You can get bonuses while working though for accuracy which will increase your earnings. Here is a video below to give you a better understanding of Humanatic.

 This video more explains what humanatic is but also gives an idea of what the humans (us) will be doing. I don't know how but when I check the leader board I have seen people making $30 a day on this site! I am guessing they get a ton of bonuses.  Today when I logged in I was greeted with this page,

For a while I had forgotten about the website and it was listing an old bonus from a long time ago with recent ones. I know its not much money but it adds up. The site is interesting, you listen to a call and below will be options, you just choose really what the call was about or if a voic…

Alternatives For When Bubblews Is Down

The issue of bubblews having errors is still happening. I am not going to screen cap this but simply check here and read the comments just over the last 2 days alone. Its quite discouraging, my last post was June 2nd and I have not posted since then. Anytime I go to the site its either loading slow or errors.

In time I will be more active but not while the errors are happening, down below is my recent bubblews video.

In that video I felt some sure hope the site would be ok and I was going to stick it out but frankly its difficult and becoming very, very annoying! I don't work from home full time but I am going to share the links below of sites I use when bubblews is down or if I just don't feel like writing...

Here is the list:

Quicktate: This site has never let me down. You transcribe very short files and make a tiny bit of cash. Sometimes I login and there is no work but other times there is! There is a test you have to pass but it is fairly simple. Signup To Quicktate Here

Bubblews Is Down Again

Not only is bubblews down again but it has been down quite a bit. Its very frequent especially in the mornings. I find evening my time is the only time it works better. Its Monday right now as I write this, 10:29AM. It is good I have other sites I can go too but still, it is a very annoying situation. Especially for people who have learned to make over half their income from bubblews. With the constant down time and long wait for payments, that makes it difficult.

If you ever see bubblews getting constant errors 502,504, etc then check out Is Bubblews Down?
That isn't the name of the site but it will check to see if its down and if it is, it will come up like in the picture above and show red writing, showing it is down.

The other problem is payment wait times. I just redeemed May 27th, and it comes up saying it could be up to 7 days. I waited 12 days for my last one and some people are reporting waiting for 2 weeks at this point. The money is coming for most of us but just a long…

Nielsen Homescan, A Canadian Opportunity Worth The Time!

I found out about Nielsen Homescan  during some work at home research. You can signup with this company and they will send you a scanner free of charge. All you need to do is scan what you buy every week, they have a huge database of stores listed in the scanner to choose from. Again its free.

In my box I got form them a scanner, Ethernet cable, book on directions to use the scanner and how the points work, along with other stuff. This company has sent me Visa gift cards at the end of the month twice now for being active. I don't remember the exact details but I believe you need to scan once each week to be eligible for the giftcard. Its $15.00 dollars and can be used where visa is accepted.

During each scan you also get points that can be later used in their gift catalog for items or gift cards. Since giftcards have a lower amount of points needed I will stick with those. Checkout my video below about this interesting opportunity:

Like I said its free and easy and I look at it as…

My Samples From Samplesource Came!

Check out my youtube video below as I unbox my newest free samples :)

If you enjoyed that you can see more of my videos here

Signup to samplesource here

Got Invited To A Bzz Campaign

You can find Bzz campaign's through BzzAgent. This is a great site where you can try free stuff and share your opinion with others on the brands you try. This is my 2nd campaign I have been invited to. I received an email and opened it it find out it was an invite for a new campaign for Herbal Essences Naked! I signed up right away and filled out the survey!

The campaign has not launched yet but once it does I will have a BzzKit coming that will include:

* Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo
* Herbal Essences Naked Volume Conditioner
* Herbal Essences Naked Volume Volumizing Soufflé
* Travel sized Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo
* Travel sized Herbal Essences Naked Volume Conditioner

Remember this is all coming to me for free! All I have to do is try the product and pretty much spread the word about it. It is important to go to your campaign homepage and spread the word on any sharing you have done on the product to get credit for it, this also helps your BzzScore which is importa…

Samplesource Sample Pack Is Live! (USA and Canada)

I  love this website! I got my first sample pack in the fall of 2013 so this sample pack (spring edition) will be my 2nd. It is all free! The samples my pack will include is chocolate, shampoo samples, hair care and laundry related things. At the end of filling out my order I also was offered the choice of a free magazine sample with 6 issues. You do not get billed they just stop sending you the magazines at the end of your free versions.

Samplesource sends out samples in the spring, summer and fall. Their website claims no winter samples because they don't want them to freeze which makes sense. Especially in my part of the world, Canada! It can get pretty cold. Speaking of which we just had a ton of freezing rain and snow today, yuck! By the time the samples get here it shouldn't be to cold though. Also keep in mind only 1 package per address, so you can only apply once per offer period which makes sense. P&G does the same thing I believe.

I highly suggest for anyone inte…

PollBuzzer - Never Been Screened Out Of A Survey!

When I first started making some extra cash online, surveys was where I started. It is easy and most companies accept you as long as your location matches. The problem I find with survey companies though is when you get an invite, start filling out the pre screen questions and then your screened out and not paid a cent! It happens,  there are times we just are not eligible for certain surveys. So I wanted to talk about Pollbuzzer, one site where I am never screened out of a survey.

The plus side of this site is that they pay using paypal and as far as I know there is no payment threshold. They pay on Mondays. Their surveys seem to be based on demographic profiles, so its possible some people may get more invites then others. Make sure to use a valid email on signup they will send survey invites to your email.

You also can earn $1.00 for each referral you bring to Pollbuzzer. The downside is that your referral needs to respond to 4 survey/questions before you make your dollar. I currentl…

Freebies, Sweet Dreams Sample From P&G (Canada)

If your like me and I am sure you like to save money and get coupons and freebies when you can. I found a nice one this morning from P&G.

Get This Sample Here!

I am not affiliated with this company so no that is not an affiliate link its a direct link to the site to signup for this free sample, its limited qualities so go now!


So very straight forward just click where it says "Register Today" and you will be on your way. It also appears this is only for Canada.

On a good note since I already was signed up to P&G my info was filled out so I just had to review it then hit submit and was taken to a page letting me know deliver is 6-8 weeks.
Remember these are samples so no their not huge like in the picture, and the delivery time is long but its free, can't beat free!

Bubblews Update And Other Things

I just noticed I have not been paying any attention to this blog since October! So it has been about 3 months or so. Excuses are never a good thing but mine are because of my call center job which takes up a lot of time since I work 30 hours or more a week, sometimes less. And then of course bubblews. I have been reading about other websites to write on and I think I am going to give it a shot writing for some other websites. I love bubblews because of how and what you can write about, but the site is to slow or down a lot lately.

Even just today I was trying to click on the bank page and it wouldn't load. And then my notifications went to error 504, very annoying. I plan to still write there but may do it less. Bubblews also has changed the redeem amount of $25 to $50. So far I have had 2 $50.00 dollar payments come through since the change and currently I am about $14.00 dollars away from cashing out another $50.00.

My biggest complaint so far is the errors on this site. I am tryi…