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Nielsen Homescan, A Canadian Opportunity Worth The Time!

I found out about Nielsen Homescan  during some work at home research. You can signup with this company and they will send you a scanner free of charge. All you need to do is scan what you buy every week, they have a huge database of stores listed in the scanner to choose from. Again its free.

In my box I got form them a scanner, Ethernet cable, book on directions to use the scanner and how the points work, along with other stuff. This company has sent me Visa gift cards at the end of the month twice now for being active. I don't remember the exact details but I believe you need to scan once each week to be eligible for the giftcard. Its $15.00 dollars and can be used where visa is accepted.

During each scan you also get points that can be later used in their gift catalog for items or gift cards. Since giftcards have a lower amount of points needed I will stick with those. Checkout my video below about this interesting opportunity:

Like I said its free and easy and I look at it as…