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ChatAbout - Another Fun Way To Make Extra Cash!

I have been having such a blast with ChatAbout !!!
I had gotten so tired and annoyed with bubblews that I started here. On ChatAbout you earn points for chatting, doing the daily poll, watching videos and of course referrals. There is a survey section and other bonus things you can do to get points as well. Here is my youtube video below about ChatAbout:

You can also use an option to follow a thread if you find it interesting. They also have something called Radio Loyalty. I play this while on ChatAbout and every 10 minutes a captcha will come up, you type it in and you get 2 points added to your account. So you may be wondering how it all works, here is a look at points:

Site Comments - Earns you 1 point
Write A Review - Earns you 5 points
Write an article - Earns you 20 points
Daily Poll - Earns you 5 points
Surveys - Even if you do not qualify for the survey they still give you 1 point!
Refer Friends - If someone clicks onto the link you still get 1 point.

If you are a fast typer li…

Cashouts On The Way!

On my youtube channel I just shared a new video for a video for enroll app. A cool way to make some extra cash, not much but extra... The video is below if you are interested.

This is a video of me briefly explaining what Enroll is. In my video you will note it said I would get paid June10th! Sure enough I got the email this morning of $1.21 from Zurb INC. I also cashed out for the first time today with Humanatic for the amount of $11.66. I know its very low but I want to make sure I get my money and for Slice The Pie, $10.00. Not to bad for the start of June and I am waiting for my Bubblews payment to clear.

It is very nice having the extra money though, and I am working hard each day to try and do this full time, we will see how it goes. I just wanted to share the earning news since I said I would. Thanks for stopping by!

Make Extra Cash With Humanatic!

This is very interesting opportunity and good if you do not want to talk on the phone or do customer service. The pay is very low though. I think the highest you can earn to categorize a call is 2 cents and that is on a certain type of call. You can get bonuses while working though for accuracy which will increase your earnings. Here is a video below to give you a better understanding of Humanatic.

 This video more explains what humanatic is but also gives an idea of what the humans (us) will be doing. I don't know how but when I check the leader board I have seen people making $30 a day on this site! I am guessing they get a ton of bonuses.  Today when I logged in I was greeted with this page,

For a while I had forgotten about the website and it was listing an old bonus from a long time ago with recent ones. I know its not much money but it adds up. The site is interesting, you listen to a call and below will be options, you just choose really what the call was about or if a voic…

Alternatives For When Bubblews Is Down

The issue of bubblews having errors is still happening. I am not going to screen cap this but simply check here and read the comments just over the last 2 days alone. Its quite discouraging, my last post was June 2nd and I have not posted since then. Anytime I go to the site its either loading slow or errors.

In time I will be more active but not while the errors are happening, down below is my recent bubblews video.

In that video I felt some sure hope the site would be ok and I was going to stick it out but frankly its difficult and becoming very, very annoying! I don't work from home full time but I am going to share the links below of sites I use when bubblews is down or if I just don't feel like writing...

Here is the list:

Quicktate: This site has never let me down. You transcribe very short files and make a tiny bit of cash. Sometimes I login and there is no work but other times there is! There is a test you have to pass but it is fairly simple. Signup To Quicktate Here

Bubblews Is Down Again

Not only is bubblews down again but it has been down quite a bit. Its very frequent especially in the mornings. I find evening my time is the only time it works better. Its Monday right now as I write this, 10:29AM. It is good I have other sites I can go too but still, it is a very annoying situation. Especially for people who have learned to make over half their income from bubblews. With the constant down time and long wait for payments, that makes it difficult.

If you ever see bubblews getting constant errors 502,504, etc then check out Is Bubblews Down?
That isn't the name of the site but it will check to see if its down and if it is, it will come up like in the picture above and show red writing, showing it is down.

The other problem is payment wait times. I just redeemed May 27th, and it comes up saying it could be up to 7 days. I waited 12 days for my last one and some people are reporting waiting for 2 weeks at this point. The money is coming for most of us but just a long…