Alternatives For When Bubblews Is Down

The issue of bubblews having errors is still happening. I am not going to screen cap this but simply check here and read the comments just over the last 2 days alone. Its quite discouraging, my last post was June 2nd and I have not posted since then. Anytime I go to the site its either loading slow or errors.

In time I will be more active but not while the errors are happening, down below is my recent bubblews video.

In that video I felt some sure hope the site would be ok and I was going to stick it out but frankly its difficult and becoming very, very annoying! I don't work from home full time but I am going to share the links below of sites I use when bubblews is down or if I just don't feel like writing...

Here is the list:

Quicktate: This site has never let me down. You transcribe very short files and make a tiny bit of cash. Sometimes I login and there is no work but other times there is! There is a test you have to pass but it is fairly simple. Signup To Quicktate Here

Humanatic: This is an interesting site, you listen to calls and mark them to the proper category and you can fast forward or rewind. Its very low pay but a good side of extra cash. When signing up the first thing it will ask is for you to verify your paypal, directions are on the page. Also if you want to be ever so kind feel free to add my email on your application where it says, referral code section :).
Signup To Humanatic Here

Swagbucks: This is a reward site, you do task and earn swagbucks. They have various rewards to choose from. This is not one of my main go to sites but I look at it as earning points to get giftcards which come in handy at the holidays. Some people report making a decent amount with this site.
Signup To Swagbucks Here

InstaGC: This is a great spot to do surveys, listen to music, watch videos, and do other task that earn you points. These can be redeemed for gift cards.
Signup To InstaGC Here

Tellwut Survey Panel: I really like this panel the surveys are short and you can answer whatever is there to respond to. Short answer surveys award you 5 points and longer ones 10 points. And then occasionally you will get a email for higher paying surveys. Like other sites it does take time but it is fun and a great way to redeem gift cards.
Signup To Tellwut Here

So that is most of the list, a few other sites I use are old and I have not been to them in very long so I don't even know if my login information works. Anyways this is just a thought and a great way to make a little cash or gift cards elsewhere when bubblews is down or getting on your nerves.


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