Bubblews Is Down Again

Not only is bubblews down again but it has been down quite a bit. Its very frequent especially in the mornings. I find evening my time is the only time it works better. Its Monday right now as I write this, 10:29AM. It is good I have other sites I can go too but still, it is a very annoying situation. Especially for people who have learned to make over half their income from bubblews. With the constant down time and long wait for payments, that makes it difficult.

If you ever see bubblews getting constant errors 502,504, etc then check out Is Bubblews Down?
That isn't the name of the site but it will check to see if its down and if it is, it will come up like in the picture above and show red writing, showing it is down.

The other problem is payment wait times. I just redeemed May 27th, and it comes up saying it could be up to 7 days. I waited 12 days for my last one and some people are reporting waiting for 2 weeks at this point. The money is coming for most of us but just a long wait. I still go to bubblews because I believe in it but the constant errors have been keeping me away, its just not worth the time when the errors start.


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