ChatAbout - Another Fun Way To Make Extra Cash!

I have been having such a blast with ChatAbout !!!
I had gotten so tired and annoyed with bubblews that I started here. On ChatAbout you earn points for chatting, doing the daily poll, watching videos and of course referrals. There is a survey section and other bonus things you can do to get points as well. Here is my youtube video below about ChatAbout:

You can also use an option to follow a thread if you find it interesting. They also have something called Radio Loyalty. I play this while on ChatAbout and every 10 minutes a captcha will come up, you type it in and you get 2 points added to your account. So you may be wondering how it all works, here is a look at points:

Site Comments - Earns you 1 point
Write A Review - Earns you 5 points
Write an article - Earns you 20 points
Daily Poll - Earns you 5 points
Surveys - Even if you do not qualify for the survey they still give you 1 point!
Refer Friends - If someone clicks onto the link you still get 1 point.

If you are a fast typer like me and can leave comments or write articles quick, this can add up rather fast.

ChatAbout is not available everywhere unfortunately...  Only people is the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK can signup.

Something else fun you may want to try on this site is using their daily goal section. If you meet your daily goal you will be awarded additional points!

So today my goal is set to 100. This means I need to earn 100 points and if I do that I get 10 bonus points. You can see I am a little over 60% there and it has a timer telling me I have 7 hours and 13 minutes left to meet this goal.

The thing with ChatAbout is that you do not need to do it all day, if you want to earn a lot of points, do it in spurts throughout the day.

Today I was able to reach my mark of 500 points. I am using this to redeem for $5.00 in Paypal cash. This seems decent to me. I am getting better at earning points quicker. Even if I could make $5 bucks a day on this site it would help.

As you can see this is the picture after redeeming. It says may take up to 48 hours which is nice too. I saw someone post on ChatAbout though that they got theirs in less then 10 hours! Either way I am just glad its not a super long wait. 

If this sounds interesting please signup and try it, I am standing by this site. Signup Here!


  1. I found your blog through CA! I'm really enjoying using it. It makes me feel kind of social without actually having to leave the house. I don't know how long I'll be able to sustain doing it though. Maybe once I get my first payout I'll be more motivated to work harder at it.

    1. I have had 4 cash outs since joining. I found after getting my first $5.00 I was more motivated. I am going to checkout your blog as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hello from Chatabout! Too bad they cut the payments in half.

    1. Hey I am a bit confused, what do you mean by they cut payments in half? I have not been on the site lately, been busy.

  3. Thanks for the entire information you have given here to impart knowledge amongst us? make money online

  4. Hi I am Shane Ilagan from Chatabout. Very good post of you! I love the layout of your site.

    Please visit my blog too @

    1. Thanks for the comment and yes I will check yours out too


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