1st Cashout With Tellwut!

I have been a member of Tellwut for a long time and constantly was on and off the site and even forgot about it at one point. I would say when I forgot about the site I was gone for 6 months for sure. I probably could of cashed out by now but it did not happen. My current point balance is 10,620. All I need is 10,000 to get that Wal Mart gift card. I delayed with getting the card because my address had the wrong apartment number. It is fixed so I just now redeemed a few minutes ago!

The page is cropped because my address and phone number were showing at the bottom before confirming the information. Anyhow I am excited! I just got the regular gift card for I can use it at the store. It may take 15 days until it even sends, but I am ok with that. All sites are different in regards to mailing guidelines.

I have been a member of this site since September 2013 so almost a year. I know you are probably thinking that is to long. You are right it is, however I was MIA from the site for a long time. Had I kept up with it I would of cashed out way before now. I am going to go for a lower point gift card this time. Either the $10 dollar Cineplex movie gift card or the $15 Amazon gift card.

Interested? Signup To Tellwut Here!


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