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SampleSource Is Live!

The joy of the fall season just gets better when that SampleSource box goes live! This is 100% free, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1:Signup Here    <---- Go to this link and click on the orange button for "New Member, register here"

Step 2: Fill out the box, it will want your name and of course mailing address since you will be shipped free samples.

Step 3: I was already signed up so it took me to do a survey to pick my samples. I think new members get the same page but I am not sure!

Either way it is so simple and easy, just follow the instructions and then wait for your samples to arrive! It is such a fun and great way to get free stuff. Right now this is just open to Canadians but later on one should go live for USA residents as well!

Here Are Some Videos...

This is my video from April 2013 of the box I got of free stuff from Sample Source :)

Not my video but its in the top searches for samplesurce! :)

Anyhow please make sure you get on this ASAP, once the s…