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Website Testing With Usertesting!

This is an interesting way to make a quick $10 bucks per test. Usertesting is a website that allows you to signup for free and when test are available and if you qualify you can do a usability test. I have been a member of the site for a while now but only made it into 3 test. Now that is still $30.00 but the work is not steady and some people may just qualify for test more than others. Here is a screenshot of my payments so far with this site:

Note I marked out the URLS. Those are the sites I went to for the test and I am sure they may not want that shared. So you can see the dates are a bit far apart, I can't speak for people getting many test though. I am sure someone out there earns more on this site then I do. And yes all those spots that say "Paid" I was paid each time! :) You will notice some stars and a talk bubble. When mousing over this bubble its steps to do better on the next video or what I did wrong. So you can see I had a good one then a not so good one.