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Payment Proof Of Prolific Academic

I have been using this site for a bit now and got my first payout today! I was pretty pumped. Here is some proof:

As you can see they pay to Paypal through GBP (Great British Pounds)

And check this out:

Depending on your country this could mean nice conversions!

And here is my Youtube video:

The site is straight forward, obviously you won't get rich but surveys on this site are fairly quick and I am eligible for most that I get.

You can sign up here

Microworkers Payment and TopCashBack Payment Proof

I had mentioned in 2 old post that once I had proof from Microworkers and TopCashBack I would share. The Microworkers payment is actually from June 18th I was waiting for the other site to pay me for I could just post both pictures together. :)


I am very happy that this site paid me at last. The biggest wait was for Microworkers to send me my  PIN in the mail. It took just over 3 weeks to get it to me, so a very long wait. After applying the PIN to the account though I got my money fairly quick to my Paypal.


This payment took a long time not to get to my paypal but to get verified and confirmed. It is a cash back site so some of this is not instant. I was pretty happy though that when I selected to get paid it came to me the next day so no long waits which is always nice.

Well everyone I am sorry the post isn't much longer but I don't have anything new to say about either site I just wanted to share that I did indeed get paid.

Sign up to Microworker…

The Work At Home Risk - Dying websites

Hey guys I am sick right now, well was super sick yesterday but today just neck/head pain and a sore throat. I have been resting and due to that I did not make much money online the last couple days. I was looking at my blog tonight, well the archives. My first post is from 2011 and it reminded me of websites that have died over the years. - I remember this site and I remember never actually getting a payout from this website. I remember writing a Hubpage and making a free website with my ideas of training to get villagers/referrals for anyone who joined me. Yeah I don't know why I stopped going to that site but I am glad I did. I tried to visit the site today and it redirects to a GoDaddy page. So we can see they are no long in existence.

Hits4Pay - As far as I know this site does pay people but I don't know. I've never got payment from this site but have over $7 in my account. Every time I login there is no ads for me to view so I stopped with this one. If anyo…

Top Cashback - Nice Paying Cashback Website

Someone had posted about this on ForumCoin and I was excited to try it out. For signing up under that person we each got $10 bucks. And I went with what appeared to be one of the quickest ways to get some cash. I paid for a service from Fiverr. For doing that I earned $14.00. So $10+$14= $24. Well actually it is more like $19 once we deduct the money from Fiverr. In my case because of the currency conversion I actually only made $17 or so.  Either way I made some money for simply just buying a fiverr gig!

Here is a shot of my dashboard:

You may notice little orange like dots under where it says "status" those are to show both things are completed. I have not cashed out yet but when I do I will share payment proof if I remember.

Something else to keep in mind is that this site has tons of retailers in regards to where you can get cashback from. It is not limited to just services like Fiverr. Some stuff has up to 10 and 20% cashback.

But yeah stay tuned as I will get payment p…

June Updates Among Other Things

Hi guys I figured I better post something so I thought an update might be due here. In my previous post I was pretty excited to make my first cash out happen with Microworkers. I guess the only bad news is that I am still waiting  for my PIN to arrive in the mail. On a couple forums I visit I asked other people about it and one lady commented on waiting up to a month for her PIN. So I am going to not request my new PIN yet in case its just lost in the mail. Once a month comes I will request a new one. I have never heard of this site not paying anyone, seems to be good reviews. I will keep you guys updated once the payment gets here.

Here is something else interesting that happened. I use Postloop every single day as long as the forums I visit are online and active. I do not cash out everyday on this site because I am only a member of about 6 forums. Postloop has way more then that but I am the type of person that can't join a bunch of forums I either have no interest in or just un…

ForumCoin Payment Proof

Good morning everyone! I am happy to let you all know I got paid from ForumCoin. I sent the message off to the admin very early this morning and when I woke up the email was in my account showing that I got $5.00!

I was quite excited at how fast the money came through. Here is a screenshot of the email below:

I know some of you may be thinking that 5 dollars is nothing. I get it, it is not much. But hey it is kind of better then Postloop. I use that site still too but the forums I use are constantly disabled, so this is a good site to turn to.

It is not just about the money though. You can find a lot of information about work at home stuff here. So I highly suggest people who are interested in work at home and various topics to join.

I joined May 17th so it took me 6 days to earn my $5.00 from the forum. You can post 25 post a day and I know a couple days I didn't quite meet that, or maybe one day. I forget but either way I love finding new stuff that pays quickly.

I will try and …

Microworkers Payment On The Way

I've had a Microworkers account for a long time but often forgot about it. It is easy to forget when doing other things online and I always have so many sites on the go this is a common issue for me. This could be a nice alternative for the people who cannot use Mturk. Because I am in Canada I cannot use Mturk which is very frustrating but what can ya do, their choice.

As of recently I have been needing cash quite frequent so I started doing Microworkers more to see if I could get payout. I clicked for my first payout today. When I logged in my account was at $10.07.

This is a screenshot of the page that comes up when you request a withdraw. The black lines are there just to cover my email and my PIN. I know I read some people were getting these PINs through their mailing address but it allowed me to just have it send to my email and then I put it in where it says "email verification pin". You will also notice there is a fee. Now I do not know if this fee is lifted with …

The Last Couple Months Have Been Slow

Hey guys I know I have not posted anything in such a long time, sorry about that. My last post was about Paid Viewpoint. So you may be wondering what happened? Yes I am still working at home full time as much as I can. Sadly though I have been having a really hard time with online work as of recently.

Most of my earnings from Jan to April were from Pinecone Research, Poostloop, Intelichek and other small earning websites. I did add a new find to my list though and that find is Provillage!

Check it out here

As far as I know there is no work right now. I came on when a project was already started then we moved to a new one that ended around the later part of April. Since then no work. On a good note they do pay every Wednesday to Paypal! I think this is only open to USA and Canada residents though. Here is a payment proof :)

Sorry about that you will notice a payment from Pinecone Research in there and a currency conversion. As you can see though they did pay me which is always nice to …

Just Cashed Out At Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is a survey website that to be honest doesn't offer a whole lot of surveys. Even with me having a 10,000 trait score I mostly still get the 0.03 cent trait surveys. Today I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a survey that made it for I could cash out! So I was happy about that.

I wanted to screen cap this after doing the survey. With this website you cannot cash out until you earn at least $15.00 dollars. Typically this can be easy to earn on a majority of websites but not on all. So you can see I earned $1.29 in total for doing probably a 5 minute or less survey. That is probably my favorite thing about this site is that the surveys are short but it takes many months to ever reach cash out. I look at it as extra money so I do it for that reason.

Here is a screen cap confirmation of me getting a payout below:
I did black out my email. My lifetime earnings are very small as you can see, just 2 cash outs so far. I know this site has a bit of a bad reputation on so…

Why Has Working At Home Become So Popular?

I can remember back in 2008 when I first started researching working at home topics and having everyone look at me like I had 3 heads. Okay I get it, it seemed skeptical to them. But what did they know? They never once looked into it or tried to use their computer as a money harvesting machine. Well maybe not money harvesting, but I think you get the picture.
More and more mothers want to stay home and raise their children, especially mothers who have kids with special needs. Some people cannot find a offline job that suits their needs and then there is others that believe their going to get rich in a week. First of all you are not going to be getting rich in a week, working at home takes time and effort and sometimes even some cash to start up whatever your doing. But that is the key word here what “you” are doing. You are the only one who can stir this new destiny into the right direction.
Working at home doesn't mean your going to be self employed unless you choose to be. The…