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Just Cashed Out At Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is a survey website that to be honest doesn't offer a whole lot of surveys. Even with me having a 10,000 trait score I mostly still get the 0.03 cent trait surveys. Today I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a survey that made it for I could cash out! So I was happy about that.

I wanted to screen cap this after doing the survey. With this website you cannot cash out until you earn at least $15.00 dollars. Typically this can be easy to earn on a majority of websites but not on all. So you can see I earned $1.29 in total for doing probably a 5 minute or less survey. That is probably my favorite thing about this site is that the surveys are short but it takes many months to ever reach cash out. I look at it as extra money so I do it for that reason.

Here is a screen cap confirmation of me getting a payout below:
I did black out my email. My lifetime earnings are very small as you can see, just 2 cash outs so far. I know this site has a bit of a bad reputation on so…