Just Cashed Out At Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is a survey website that to be honest doesn't offer a whole lot of surveys. Even with me having a 10,000 trait score I mostly still get the 0.03 cent trait surveys. Today I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a survey that made it for I could cash out! So I was happy about that.

I wanted to screen cap this after doing the survey. With this website you cannot cash out until you earn at least $15.00 dollars. Typically this can be easy to earn on a majority of websites but not on all. So you can see I earned $1.29 in total for doing probably a 5 minute or less survey. That is probably my favorite thing about this site is that the surveys are short but it takes many months to ever reach cash out. I look at it as extra money so I do it for that reason.

Here is a screen cap confirmation of me getting a payout below:
I did black out my email. My lifetime earnings are very small as you can see, just 2 cash outs so far. I know this site has a bit of a bad reputation on some forums because of the lack of surveys to do. And maybe this is just one of those survey websites that just doesn't have the work. Keep in mind though that surveys in general shouldn't be something your doing as your only income online. The trait surveys take about 2 minutes or less to do so I don't know mind. Ah well I just wanted to share this since I have not said much about the site in a while.

Feel free to signup here


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    1. Wish I could get into Clixsense but I am not a fan of PTC websites anymore. Works for some people though.


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