The Last Couple Months Have Been Slow

Hey guys I know I have not posted anything in such a long time, sorry about that. My last post was about Paid Viewpoint. So you may be wondering what happened? Yes I am still working at home full time as much as I can. Sadly though I have been having a really hard time with online work as of recently.

Most of my earnings from Jan to April were from Pinecone Research, Poostloop, Intelichek and other small earning websites. I did add a new find to my list though and that find is Provillage!

Check it out here

As far as I know there is no work right now. I came on when a project was already started then we moved to a new one that ended around the later part of April. Since then no work. On a good note they do pay every Wednesday to Paypal! I think this is only open to USA and Canada residents though. Here is a payment proof :)

Sorry about that you will notice a payment from Pinecone Research in there and a currency conversion. As you can see though they did pay me which is always nice to find. I have only worked on a couple of their projects so far but both were transcription related and I don't have a whole lot of experience in that other then Quicktate really so it was nice getting a chance to do this.

I am not sure when there will be more work but wanted to share this.

On another note like I said earlier the last few months have been rough for me with earnings. I have returned to Microworkers to see if I can get some cash going there and I constantly am researching new ways to make money online but some are just so low paying. It is tough since I live in Canada nothing is cheap here but I am doing what I can. I am hoping in the Summer months the work has a good pickup for us all. I know I am not the only one feeling the pain of this. Well I don't want to make this post to sad sounding. I just wanted to update you all and show some payment proof. :)


  1. Oh wow, I work/worked with iProvillage! Awesome boss lady and group of people to work with. Have you looked into applying to Lionbridge? Currently they have positions available for those who live in Canada. Maybe even look into Elance or oDesk for freelance writing or other gigs. I hope that summer brings some opportunities too. I usually will find quite a bit of side gigs to do during the summer. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the reply! I applied to Lionbridge quite some time ago but never got in... I hope to try again though and see where it goes. I do have a Freelancer and Odesk account and have got some work on Freelancer but it was quick $10 jobs. Here is to hoping Summer brings us better stuff. :)

  2. Lee-Ann, I saw you mentioned working as a you know of any sites that are currently looking to hire a medical one full-time? I ask for my mother-in-law....her husband's very ill with a chronic condition and as she takes off a lot of time from work at the school (been working is school cafeteria the last few years), but she wants (and needs) to be able to find a good, steady work-at-home job...and she has a medical background. If you or any of your followers know of a site, that'd be wonderful. They live in the US.

    1. Ah I wish I knew. However I can direct you to a site I follow which I trust. This lady works from home and post about stuff like this.

      The link I shared is to the transcription page. Further down there is a medical section with links to sites.


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