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The Work At Home Risk - Dying websites

Hey guys I am sick right now, well was super sick yesterday but today just neck/head pain and a sore throat. I have been resting and due to that I did not make much money online the last couple days. I was looking at my blog tonight, well the archives. My first post is from 2011 and it reminded me of websites that have died over the years. - I remember this site and I remember never actually getting a payout from this website. I remember writing a Hubpage and making a free website with my ideas of training to get villagers/referrals for anyone who joined me. Yeah I don't know why I stopped going to that site but I am glad I did. I tried to visit the site today and it redirects to a GoDaddy page. So we can see they are no long in existence.

Hits4Pay - As far as I know this site does pay people but I don't know. I've never got payment from this site but have over $7 in my account. Every time I login there is no ads for me to view so I stopped with this one. If anyo…

Top Cashback - Nice Paying Cashback Website

Someone had posted about this on ForumCoin and I was excited to try it out. For signing up under that person we each got $10 bucks. And I went with what appeared to be one of the quickest ways to get some cash. I paid for a service from Fiverr. For doing that I earned $14.00. So $10+$14= $24. Well actually it is more like $19 once we deduct the money from Fiverr. In my case because of the currency conversion I actually only made $17 or so.  Either way I made some money for simply just buying a fiverr gig!

Here is a shot of my dashboard:

You may notice little orange like dots under where it says "status" those are to show both things are completed. I have not cashed out yet but when I do I will share payment proof if I remember.

Something else to keep in mind is that this site has tons of retailers in regards to where you can get cashback from. It is not limited to just services like Fiverr. Some stuff has up to 10 and 20% cashback.

But yeah stay tuned as I will get payment p…

June Updates Among Other Things

Hi guys I figured I better post something so I thought an update might be due here. In my previous post I was pretty excited to make my first cash out happen with Microworkers. I guess the only bad news is that I am still waiting  for my PIN to arrive in the mail. On a couple forums I visit I asked other people about it and one lady commented on waiting up to a month for her PIN. So I am going to not request my new PIN yet in case its just lost in the mail. Once a month comes I will request a new one. I have never heard of this site not paying anyone, seems to be good reviews. I will keep you guys updated once the payment gets here.

Here is something else interesting that happened. I use Postloop every single day as long as the forums I visit are online and active. I do not cash out everyday on this site because I am only a member of about 6 forums. Postloop has way more then that but I am the type of person that can't join a bunch of forums I either have no interest in or just un…