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November Earnings And Updates

For anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me on some forums, you probably have noticed my activity has dropped quite a bit. Again because of my offline job. I am also going through some other things like my weekly therapy session and possibly soon weekly career counsellor sessions. And of course the holidays are fast approaching.

So November was not a good month online either since I have been dedicating less time earning money online. But for what I did make, I shall share.

November Earnings:
UsabilityHub - $20.00
Prolific Academic - $6.48
Total: $26.48

Well truth be told this is one of my worse months yet. But in a big way it is my fault and only my fault. The less time I have been online is why. The UsabilityHub earnings actually also come from September, since it took me a while to cash out.


Not a lot is going on right now other then working a lot. My sleep is still an issue. I mean let's face it, I have to be up at 2:30AM at the latest to get ready for work, so I have …

October Earnings And Updates

Well the months I am noticing seem to be flying by and ever since starting my new job which is outside the home I am not able to dedicate as much time online. To be honest if I spend all my time just working offline and online I may go crazy! I did that once before while at a call center I would work there and Bubblews at work and at home. Which was fine but in time it was too much working. We all need to rest and relax too.

I am working at a dollar store stocking shelves. And if customers approach me with questions I do my best to assist them. I am quite proud of myself because this is a big deal since I do have social anxiety. I am glad to be out of my shell some and trying to work around more people. This job may only be seasonal though and if it is, well that will suck it will mean possibly done around Christmas time. And some of the money I am making already has places to go. Not just bills but car things like winter tires and undercoating.

With the work schedule being 4am - 12:3…

Good Time To Join Swagbucks And Get 200SBs Fast :)

The bad news is that this is a time sensitive thing and by that I mean Swagbucks has introduced a new and cool Swago board that you can easily earn 200SBs from just visiting stores through your mobile device or from your PC. This does end October 24th though at 12pm PT! So if you are new you might want to join now

I did this video today to show people how easy this is. Even for anyone who is old to Swagbucks this is so easy and a quick way to grab up 200 free SBs. I also forgot to mention in my video that this also helps another way, the points from daily goal! So because I got 200SBS credited to my account right away I got an easy 12 extra SBs as well. Not to shabby.

This is just to show that I did indeed get the board full. It was a good day for me on Swagbucks that is for sure.

Swago Board Success!

Some of you may remember a post I made back in June titled Swago Fail
Long story short I did not submit the pattern on my board in time and because of that I missed out on some Swagbucks. Well I have some good news this time I did it and this time I got a nice amount of SBs for stuff I do on Swagbucks anyways.

I did something important this time around though I took the time to study the board. Some of the stuff is moved around compared to previous boards so this made it easier for me. A problem I had last time was that I could not seem to find the survey app to use on my phone so this made it for I missed out. Well I did this time!

I found it by searching "Swagbucks Answer" in my Google Playstore. I had believed that I was not going to be able to use it because of my phone being a bit older but I found it. I can say the app did crash a few times though, so it seems to me the Swagbucks team may have some bugs they need to fix.

So the pattern I got to complete is the pattern …

August And September Online Earnings! And Updates

Well first of I have been very busy working my whole summer in my parents garden. I have been helping them pick produce, sort product and get it ready for orders that go to stores in the community. Some days after working I did come online long enough to post to ForumCoin and Postloop but that was about it. So my earning updates are low but I will share them anyways.

August Earnings:

Zurb Inc/Enroll - $1.20 USD
MintVine - $10.01 USD
Total: $11.21 USD

September Earnings:

Postloop - $5.03 USD
Prolific Academic - $5.28 GBP
Total: $10.31

I decided to do something different with my updates. In previous updates I would share the total, this time around I am doing the same but also adding if it was USD, CAD or GBP currency. I am not including the balance with conversions though. I can say though since I am in Canada and most sites pay me in USD it does mean my earnings are slightly higher.

The garden work has come to an end for the most part so I will be online more now trying to make some extra c…

Postloop Closing November 1st...

Well what is worse then getting bad news on your birthday? My birthday is November 1st and along with that I logged into Postloop today to see this message...

I am sure all members who login can probably see this message and more then likely there is probably already buzz about this on online communities. Yes this sucks but I think we also must respect Postloop for this decision and hey they at least told us unlike some sites that just vanish.

It is indeed sad news especially for people who earn mostly from this site. You can read about the site closer here

This is just a quick post, I just wanted to share this with anyone who doesn't know about it.

July Earnings (Sorry so late, been very busy)

Well it is nearly a month later and I am just now finding the time to sit down and do this post. I am sorry for the long wait but it has been a very busy time for me. Since the end of July I have been working nearly everyday in my parents garden to make extra income. My body is not use to it though and I am pretty sore some days. Today even I was suppose to go in but I have a sharp pain in my side. I guess the biggest issue might be the fact I was so inactive before doing this work so it is hard to get use to.

Either way though it is a great experience. I even have lost a bit of weight since starting. Since I am not sure of my income situation after the garden I have penny pinching hardcore. And of course doing online work/task when I can, which hasn't been often.

So with that let's take a look at July's earnings.

Postloop - $10.18
Prolific Academic - $10.71
Pinecone Research - $6.00
UsabilityHub - $20.10
Usertesting - $10.00
Total - $56.99

And if anyone is wondering I will be l…

June Earnings And Updates

Hey guys I figured we are a week into July so I knew I had to get this post done. I didn't forget about it I just had a very stressful week. In a previous post I had mentioned getting a cleaning job. I was pretty stressed, anxious and depressed the day of my first shift. I was feeling negative about myself and worried I wouldn't be a good worker, although according to previous employers I am a good worker.

Well the start of the shift was a mess. I was sent off with another employee who had recently been hired like me and she and the maintenance man were under the impression that someone from the cleaning company we were contracted with would be training me. Well whoever that was never even showed up so I was showed the janitor closet and told a couple things then well I winged it. I think I did okay but not having someone to go over my work and tell me if I made mistakes was upsetting for my anxiety. I tried hard not to let it bother me but it did.

I also found out an hour int…

Swago Fail :(

This might be the most frustrating post I have ever wrote about Swagbucks or anything online not working out. I somehow either manged to screw up the way the board had to be entered for Swago or failed to pay attention in general. In my previous post I mention "The board is active until June 27th, 12pm PT" 

No idea why but my board was gone... Instead I was getting this... This was happening on the 26th a whole day before the 27th. I figured maybe it was just an error of sorts so I let it go. But when I tried the 27th same thing was happening. However with the time difference it also is possible on the 27th that I tried to enter my board when it really was over.

I later came across a post on the FB Swagbucks Canada page stating they extended an hour on the Swago board for people to claim their prizes. Now I only missed out on 25SBs so it really isn't a big deal but I also stupidly did not contact their support about why I was getting this page on the 26th and I probably …

Swagbucks Swago Info :)

Is Your Board Full Yet? Mine isn't but check out my post below to see the tips I share to get it full for me and you hopefully too.

I use to not hugely like Swagbucks but I am having some better success with it these days and am pretty happy with that. Right now each day that I login to Swagbucks I see an interesting banner talking about Swago and it says PLAY & EARN UP TO A 300 SB BONUS!

This started on June 20th and ends June 27th so there still is time to play. And this would be a good time for interested people not using Swagbucks to signup and try this out. A lot of the board is stuff I already do anyways so marking off each thing just gets me closer to earning more Swagbucks. You can join Swagbucks here

Swago - What Is It?

Now I am not sure how often Swago comes out but it does look exciting. The game reminds me of bingo and I will tell you why in a minute. The Swago board is a good time to do stuff you already do and as you do the task listed on the board the task gets  mar…

Updates And A New Job!

I figured I would post some updates about myself and some sites I use. So first I wanted to post about UsabilityHub. I noticed that the "Lobby" where you wait for new test to show up has had a really nice new change. For someone like me who loves to multi task this is a good change. I like it a lot.
As I have stated before I like to multi task and speaking of multi tasking I did post a Youtube video about my routine:

In my routine I do mention about leaving MintVine and UsabilityHub open while doing my work online. Well now with UsabilityHubs new feature, if my headset is on I can hear a noise when a test comes through and the browser tab flashes. And it is set to always be checking so I won't miss out on test. Sadly a few times I did try to access test though and they were grabbed up very fast. So I am thinking a lot of people are loving this update. On average I cash out about once a month at UsabilityHub which comes out to $20USD. This might be the first month where i…

Swagbucks Is Back On My List

For the longest time I was a huge complainer about Swagbucks with not understanding how to make more Swagbucks and getting frustrated easily with the website. I have been able to get gift cards from the site though in the past but I took a long break and chopped up my experience to "This site is to damn slow."

Well after spending time researching reddit I came across a decent guide that helped me to start hitting my daily point goals on Swagbucks. So now Swagbucks is starting to grab my attention more. I will do this website everyday if I can keep hitting the goal.

What I have done is actually bookmarked the Swagbucks search bar on my chrome since its my 2nd favorite browser. My PC has good speed so I can have more then one browser open with no issues. I do forget sometimes but I try to search in there for the chance of getting free Swagbucks while searching. I am checking the Gold surveys as well because some of them will give me 1 Swagbuck for being disqualified. Also thou…

My Earnings For May - Not So Good!

I decided to get a spreadsheet together for my May earnings and they were not very good. It wasn't that I wasn't doing stuff but I have sites where I cannot cash out because of how slow they are. I am sure there are quicker ways to earn faster with PTC or GPT but I am just unsure of them. So here is a picture of my earnings:

Shockingly Pinecone Research was my best earner but I can tell you not all months are as giving for surveys. My total for the month, well my real total including currency conversions was $85.56. Back when I had more going on I could make more online but right now things just seem slow.

Even though these earnings are not that great I am going to keep working and hopefully increase my earnings for June. Around the start of May I was busy helping my parents plant the seeds for the greenhouse it was just 2 days though of work.

I am hoping with waking up earlier and having more time to work online that I met be able to increase my earnings for June, I guess tim…

Updates on MintVine and UsabilityHub

I wanted to quickly do a post on some important information about both of these websites which I do use to make extra cash with. So first I will talk about MintVine. In my Youtube video about Mintvine I do state that you can get 5 points when disqualified from a survey well that has changed, take a look at the pictures below:

Alright so the first picture is from today when I tried to do a survey and got disqualified. I got 4 points instead of my usual 5. You will notice a a new link that says "Did The NQ Payout Change?" The second picture explains what is going on with the NQ payout. To some this may be sad news but MintVine is a really good website, I have had no issues and always got paid.
If interested join MintVine here

I wanted to post payment proof now of UsabilityHub because I am noticing on different online forums I visit and discussion boards that people are getting antsy with the wait time or worried they won't get paid. So here you are,

Upon looking here it is…

Making Less Online But It Won't Stop Me

It is very true these days I am making less online, not enough to cover all my bills. Thus far my boyfriend has become very supportive as he knows for over 2 years I was having a break down with anxiety and panic attacks and major depression episodes for a while, thanks to medication I am feeling better. In that time though I had stopped working online almost completely then would start up again.

Now I have been back at it for a long time but making sure to take a day off or work a half day on the weekend. I am noticing some sites I was getting some work from have died down which leaves me to mostly make my cash with sites of chance and sites that could take over a month until I am able to cash out.

I can say with a smile though that what I am making covers 3 of my personal bills and sometimes leaves me extra to play with or a gift card here and there since some sites don't have Paypal as a payment option and anyone who knows me knows I always like to choose Paypal. I want to make…

How To Be Frugal

Being frugal isn't just about cutting coupons. Being frugal to me is a choice in how one wants to live their life. Some people cut coupons and still waste their money. I am not saying I don't waste money because hell, I have those days where I need to let out stress and shop a bit. It happens to us all I think.

I cut out a lot of things I believe I do not need in my life to be happy. I don't have a sense of style when it comes to clothes. At home I wear PJ pants and a t shirt. Sounds scruffy and rightly it probably is but I still clean and do my online work, it is comfy. Now if someone comes to visit or I leave the house then I make myself more presentable of course. Due to living this way though my clothes last longer. One pair of pants I have is a decade old, that is saying a lot! To avoid not having to buy shoes every year I will wear the pair I currently wear until they are well crap to be honest. I would say shoes is not something to skimp on though since it can cause…

Slice The Pie Has A New Makeover

This has been one of the sites I have enjoyed for a long time now. I don't get rich with it but it is easy enough and I love music so even better. I mean why not get paid to review music and more right!

What is SliceThePie?

SliceThePie is a music review site. Well actually with their update this is how it looks now.
I just screen capped this here. So the fashion was already added a while ago but the mobile I think is new, well this is my first time seeing it at least. I am pretty excited about these updates from SliceThePie though. I also like how now the reviewers get a rating system. For instance I have 3 out of 5 stars that does not seem horrible. And I know I could use some work on my detail as far as the reviews go.

It also is nice that the payout limit is not super high. You need $10.00 to cash out to Paypal, not to bad really if you ask me considering some sites are higher.

I will admit it has been a very long time since I have cashed out with this site. The reason is my own…

Updates And My Long Hiatus

Hello fellow work at homers and other people who stop by to read my blog. First I want to apologize for not being around. I am pretty sure in one of my Youtube videos I did promise to update this blog but just am now getting to it.

My Hiatus

This little hiatus I was on actually didn't include all the sites I use online it only was hurting my blog and Youtube channel. Sites I use to earn extra cash I did still visit, maybe not as often as I would of liked but I was visiting some daily. So part of the reason for all this was because in July 2015 I finally decided I had to tell my doctor about my long standing suffering with depression and anxiety it was to the point that it was controlling my life in a huge way. I couldn't do my blog or Youtube anymore because I was to depressed. Sometimes I could step out of my depression but other times I was a lump not moving. It got very bad... I had become this lazy person which I am not and stopped working online for a while.

So I was start…