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How To Be Frugal

Being frugal isn't just about cutting coupons. Being frugal to me is a choice in how one wants to live their life. Some people cut coupons and still waste their money. I am not saying I don't waste money because hell, I have those days where I need to let out stress and shop a bit. It happens to us all I think.

I cut out a lot of things I believe I do not need in my life to be happy. I don't have a sense of style when it comes to clothes. At home I wear PJ pants and a t shirt. Sounds scruffy and rightly it probably is but I still clean and do my online work, it is comfy. Now if someone comes to visit or I leave the house then I make myself more presentable of course. Due to living this way though my clothes last longer. One pair of pants I have is a decade old, that is saying a lot! To avoid not having to buy shoes every year I will wear the pair I currently wear until they are well crap to be honest. I would say shoes is not something to skimp on though since it can cause…