How To Be Frugal

Being frugal isn't just about cutting coupons. Being frugal to me is a choice in how one wants to live their life. Some people cut coupons and still waste their money. I am not saying I don't waste money because hell, I have those days where I need to let out stress and shop a bit. It happens to us all I think.

I cut out a lot of things I believe I do not need in my life to be happy. I don't have a sense of style when it comes to clothes. At home I wear PJ pants and a t shirt. Sounds scruffy and rightly it probably is but I still clean and do my online work, it is comfy. Now if someone comes to visit or I leave the house then I make myself more presentable of course. Due to living this way though my clothes last longer. One pair of pants I have is a decade old, that is saying a lot! To avoid not having to buy shoes every year I will wear the pair I currently wear until they are well crap to be honest. I would say shoes is not something to skimp on though since it can cause blisters wearing bad shoes. And I know because while working in my dads garden I wore a really old pair I had and well, lets just say my feet were sore for a while.

I don't have a cable subscription... A lot of people are ditching their cable now for Netflix and other online streaming services, can you blame them? I use to work for a cable company and the biggest complaint I remember is people saying we don't offer enough shows all reruns. Sad truth though is that your cable provider has no effect on what comes on, the network does. Blame the network for the reruns. So I have Netflix which is just fine for me. It does suck having to wait for new seasons but I can wait, I never was a huge TV watcher anyways. Sometimes you can also find shows or movies on Youtube as well but not always.

Thrift stores are great too. If I see something I like at a thrift store I buy it whether it be clothing, an item I can use or something for a DIY project.

I don't like wasting food either so we do eat leftovers and turn them into a side meal with something else, depending on the amount. I save money on food by buying larger packs of meat on sale and diving the meat into meals in freezer bags, we have a freezer so this is a great way to store meat. I use coupons when I can and check the sale flyers. I also have some apps on my phone where I can save while shopping like Checkout 51 and Zweet.

How To Be Frugal (Tips)

1) Change Your Way Of Thinking  - I can't stand it when people moan and go on about being so bored because they have no money to do anything. Money doesn't need to rule our lives this way. There is plenty of free things to do that is fun. Take a walk, take a drive, visit family and friends. Watch something you haven't watched in a while. Play games, be creative? Start a hobby. Yes some of these might cost you some money but if you have stuff already kicking around then use that.

2) Change Your Habits - I will raise my hand and admit that sometimes I drove to Robins Donuts and buy to many coffees from there. Not daily or even weekly but some months I do it to much. I have coffee at home so as far as buying coffee elsewhere goes I could just do it on occasion no need to spend too much. Same goes for eating out. One way me and my boyfriend save when we want to eat out is look for places that have coupons or specials certain days of the week for a good price. We don't eat out every week but sometimes it is nice to treat yourself. If you want other ways to save research online ways you can save on your power or heating bills. It won't work every time but you can call your cable/phone or Internet provider to try and get a better price.

3) Use Your Points or Loyalty Cards - A credit card I use to use gave me points everywhere I used it at. I always had the balance paid off of it at the time so it wasn't a big deal but it was nice earning points for gift cards or other rewards. I also have a PC Plus Points card that is used at the Superstore here once I have enough points I can get so much off my grocery bill. If you are unsure look around and see what the stores and malls offer in your area. Be careful with point credit cards though they tend to have high interest.

4) Compare Sales - I know it can be annoying going through your weekly flyers but this is the best and quickest way to see what is on sale where. In some cases it is better to buy items at more then one store to get the best deal if you can. During this time I write down a shopping list and then check my coupons to see if I have any to match the item on sale and I check my cashback apps for more savings. Also when you are shopping be on the look out for tear pads in the store with coupons.

5) Do You Need A Car? - When I first moved out on my own I had no car because at the time I was living at home and driving my moms car to and from my job. Of course when I left I lost that. I learned what it was like to live without a car. For groceries me and my boyfriend had to cab home and during bad weather I did not always walk to work. I don't do this as often as I should but sometimes to save on gas I will walk to the Pharamsave which is about 20 minutes or less from my apartment and pick up odds and ends that would be the same price as the other stores. I try and check prices of items I buy often at different stores to save as well. My boyfriend has a good car on fuel so having this car helps save money. My car on the other hand I may get rid of since I hardly drive it and well it is costing money. I work at home so it is not like I need it. I have owned more then one bad used car and I can tell you they can be a real money pit when you need professional service done.

6) Brown Bag Lunches - The call center I use to work at was right beside a Pizza Delight and a Dairy Queen. The whole time I worked there I never once ate at either place. I always took my own lunch and I didn't always take a sandwich. Sometimes I took leftovers or made a salad. If you need ideas there is tons of great videos on Youtube with lunch ideas. Eating out less at work and when at home is a huge saver.

7) Do You Really Need The Gym? - I guess the best advantage of visiting the gym for people is probably the equipment and atmosphere. When I was working on losing weight I counted calories. But most importantly I got active. I sometimes played badminton and tennis with a friend. I took walks and increased my walking time each time. And I used Youtube to find plenty of great Zumba videos and cardio workout videos. I also have an exercise bike so that helps. Having a home gym is nice but probably not worth it unless you are going to use it.

8) Follow Your Budget - This probably is the most important step with being frugal chances are you need a budget to see where your money goes. I write my own budget each month with the bills and what I have to spend where. Some months are tough I admit where my entertainment budget is 0. Those months we stay home and find things to do or go to the local bird sanctuary. You don't need to spend piles of cash to have fun. Getting off track with your budget even just a little though can cause issues especially if you have goals like saving money or paying off debt.

So really this is just some ideas and many people use them. Being frugal doesn't always mean I am trying to be dirt cheap I just want to have a more fulfilling life but not relying on so many material items.


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