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Updates on MintVine and UsabilityHub

I wanted to quickly do a post on some important information about both of these websites which I do use to make extra cash with. So first I will talk about MintVine. In my Youtube video about Mintvine I do state that you can get 5 points when disqualified from a survey well that has changed, take a look at the pictures below:

Alright so the first picture is from today when I tried to do a survey and got disqualified. I got 4 points instead of my usual 5. You will notice a a new link that says "Did The NQ Payout Change?" The second picture explains what is going on with the NQ payout. To some this may be sad news but MintVine is a really good website, I have had no issues and always got paid.
If interested join MintVine here

I wanted to post payment proof now of UsabilityHub because I am noticing on different online forums I visit and discussion boards that people are getting antsy with the wait time or worried they won't get paid. So here you are,

Upon looking here it is…

Making Less Online But It Won't Stop Me

It is very true these days I am making less online, not enough to cover all my bills. Thus far my boyfriend has become very supportive as he knows for over 2 years I was having a break down with anxiety and panic attacks and major depression episodes for a while, thanks to medication I am feeling better. In that time though I had stopped working online almost completely then would start up again.

Now I have been back at it for a long time but making sure to take a day off or work a half day on the weekend. I am noticing some sites I was getting some work from have died down which leaves me to mostly make my cash with sites of chance and sites that could take over a month until I am able to cash out.

I can say with a smile though that what I am making covers 3 of my personal bills and sometimes leaves me extra to play with or a gift card here and there since some sites don't have Paypal as a payment option and anyone who knows me knows I always like to choose Paypal. I want to make…