Updates on MintVine and UsabilityHub

I wanted to quickly do a post on some important information about both of these websites which I do use to make extra cash with. So first I will talk about MintVine. In my Youtube video about Mintvine I do state that you can get 5 points when disqualified from a survey well that has changed, take a look at the pictures below:

Alright so the first picture is from today when I tried to do a survey and got disqualified. I got 4 points instead of my usual 5. You will notice a a new link that says "Did The NQ Payout Change?" The second picture explains what is going on with the NQ payout. To some this may be sad news but MintVine is a really good website, I have had no issues and always got paid.
If interested join MintVine here

I wanted to post payment proof now of UsabilityHub because I am noticing on different online forums I visit and discussion boards that people are getting antsy with the wait time or worried they won't get paid. So here you are,

Upon looking here it is easy to see I have had 2 payments come through and I am close to getting my third payment. If you look at the dates it does show quite a long wait time for these payments especially the 2nd one. I don't want people to get discouraged, I have been saying nothing but positive things about UsabilityHub and that has not changed. They do as far as I know manually check our work on these test we do and work that doesn't meet standards means a deduction in pay. I must be doing a decent job since I got my full $20 both times so far. If for some reason you have got paid and are having issues with maybe not performing well, maybe take a look at the tester quality guidelines here
If interested, join UsabilityHub here

Well that is it for updates right now but I just quickly wanted to share this with everyone. Have a nice working at home day! :)


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