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Swago Fail :(

This might be the most frustrating post I have ever wrote about Swagbucks or anything online not working out. I somehow either manged to screw up the way the board had to be entered for Swago or failed to pay attention in general. In my previous post I mention "The board is active until June 27th, 12pm PT" 

No idea why but my board was gone... Instead I was getting this... This was happening on the 26th a whole day before the 27th. I figured maybe it was just an error of sorts so I let it go. But when I tried the 27th same thing was happening. However with the time difference it also is possible on the 27th that I tried to enter my board when it really was over.

I later came across a post on the FB Swagbucks Canada page stating they extended an hour on the Swago board for people to claim their prizes. Now I only missed out on 25SBs so it really isn't a big deal but I also stupidly did not contact their support about why I was getting this page on the 26th and I probably …

Swagbucks Swago Info :)

Is Your Board Full Yet? Mine isn't but check out my post below to see the tips I share to get it full for me and you hopefully too.

I use to not hugely like Swagbucks but I am having some better success with it these days and am pretty happy with that. Right now each day that I login to Swagbucks I see an interesting banner talking about Swago and it says PLAY & EARN UP TO A 300 SB BONUS!

This started on June 20th and ends June 27th so there still is time to play. And this would be a good time for interested people not using Swagbucks to signup and try this out. A lot of the board is stuff I already do anyways so marking off each thing just gets me closer to earning more Swagbucks. You can join Swagbucks here

Swago - What Is It?

Now I am not sure how often Swago comes out but it does look exciting. The game reminds me of bingo and I will tell you why in a minute. The Swago board is a good time to do stuff you already do and as you do the task listed on the board the task gets  mar…

Updates And A New Job!

I figured I would post some updates about myself and some sites I use. So first I wanted to post about UsabilityHub. I noticed that the "Lobby" where you wait for new test to show up has had a really nice new change. For someone like me who loves to multi task this is a good change. I like it a lot.
As I have stated before I like to multi task and speaking of multi tasking I did post a Youtube video about my routine:

In my routine I do mention about leaving MintVine and UsabilityHub open while doing my work online. Well now with UsabilityHubs new feature, if my headset is on I can hear a noise when a test comes through and the browser tab flashes. And it is set to always be checking so I won't miss out on test. Sadly a few times I did try to access test though and they were grabbed up very fast. So I am thinking a lot of people are loving this update. On average I cash out about once a month at UsabilityHub which comes out to $20USD. This might be the first month where i…

Swagbucks Is Back On My List

For the longest time I was a huge complainer about Swagbucks with not understanding how to make more Swagbucks and getting frustrated easily with the website. I have been able to get gift cards from the site though in the past but I took a long break and chopped up my experience to "This site is to damn slow."

Well after spending time researching reddit I came across a decent guide that helped me to start hitting my daily point goals on Swagbucks. So now Swagbucks is starting to grab my attention more. I will do this website everyday if I can keep hitting the goal.

What I have done is actually bookmarked the Swagbucks search bar on my chrome since its my 2nd favorite browser. My PC has good speed so I can have more then one browser open with no issues. I do forget sometimes but I try to search in there for the chance of getting free Swagbucks while searching. I am checking the Gold surveys as well because some of them will give me 1 Swagbuck for being disqualified. Also thou…

My Earnings For May - Not So Good!

I decided to get a spreadsheet together for my May earnings and they were not very good. It wasn't that I wasn't doing stuff but I have sites where I cannot cash out because of how slow they are. I am sure there are quicker ways to earn faster with PTC or GPT but I am just unsure of them. So here is a picture of my earnings:

Shockingly Pinecone Research was my best earner but I can tell you not all months are as giving for surveys. My total for the month, well my real total including currency conversions was $85.56. Back when I had more going on I could make more online but right now things just seem slow.

Even though these earnings are not that great I am going to keep working and hopefully increase my earnings for June. Around the start of May I was busy helping my parents plant the seeds for the greenhouse it was just 2 days though of work.

I am hoping with waking up earlier and having more time to work online that I met be able to increase my earnings for June, I guess tim…