Swago Fail :(

This might be the most frustrating post I have ever wrote about Swagbucks or anything online not working out. I somehow either manged to screw up the way the board had to be entered for Swago or failed to pay attention in general. In my previous post I mention "The board is active until June 27th, 12pm PT" 

No idea why but my board was gone... Instead I was getting this... This was happening on the 26th a whole day before the 27th. I figured maybe it was just an error of sorts so I let it go. But when I tried the 27th same thing was happening. However with the time difference it also is possible on the 27th that I tried to enter my board when it really was over.

I later came across a post on the FB Swagbucks Canada page stating they extended an hour on the Swago board for people to claim their prizes. Now I only missed out on 25SBs so it really isn't a big deal but I also stupidly did not contact their support about why I was getting this page on the 26th and I probably should of.

I wanted to update everyone since I promised I would but clearly I have nothing to update since I somehow manged to mess up how to do the Swago board.


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