June Earnings And Updates

Hey guys I figured we are a week into July so I knew I had to get this post done. I didn't forget about it I just had a very stressful week. In a previous post I had mentioned getting a cleaning job. I was pretty stressed, anxious and depressed the day of my first shift. I was feeling negative about myself and worried I wouldn't be a good worker, although according to previous employers I am a good worker.

Well the start of the shift was a mess. I was sent off with another employee who had recently been hired like me and she and the maintenance man were under the impression that someone from the cleaning company we were contracted with would be training me. Well whoever that was never even showed up so I was showed the janitor closet and told a couple things then well I winged it. I think I did okay but not having someone to go over my work and tell me if I made mistakes was upsetting for my anxiety. I tried hard not to let it bother me but it did.

I also found out an hour into my first shift that this cleaning job was just covering a vacation for 3 days. To be honest I wanted to walk out but didn't. I did my job and went home. The next day I called my employer and asked them what was going on with my shifts, as I was told part time. Well come to find out it is indeed a fill in shift. I thought it over and ended up having a panic attack and quit.

A part of me regrets quitting because I could of took the fill in shifts but their company is so unprofessional. The ad listed for the job was not only misleading but I didn't even have proper training. Since walking away from that one I have felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders to say the least. But I am still feeling like I let myself down and my spouse down because that job would of been a huge help had there been more days to work.

I am not happy with what has happened but it is what it is. In the mean time I will continue working online and see if I can find another job outside the home for extra income. Sorry for the rant folks but I wanted to update.

I did not meet my Swagbucks goal I was hoping to get more points from the Daily rewards program. Since I did not go on the site everyday though that did not happen. It was still nice to get a goal with bonus SBs though.

I did get a bit confused because I wasn't entirely sure what all consist of the goal amount they gave me but I am still happy with it. I have enough points to get 2 $10 dollar gift cards. I am waiting to get more to hopefully get some Paypal cash unless I change my mind. Whatever I choose though I will post proof of it here.

June Earnings

Mintvine - $10.74
Prolific Academic - $11.23
ForumCoin - $5.00
Usertesting - $10.00
Spare5 - $5.39
Postloop - $5.01
Pinecone Research - $3.00

Total: $50.37

***Note*** This amount does not include the currency conversions. With the conversion it would probably be closer to $70.

I made less in June than I did in May which is a bit sad but when I had found out I had a job to go too I took so many days off to get ready. I am really regretting that now but what has been done has been done. Even though July feels slow I should get a $20 cash out soon with UsabilityHub and I have a pending payment with Prolific Academic right now. With some extra work I can hopefully make more for my July earning post.


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  2. i dont see any earning from instagc, you dont use that site?

    1. I have an account with InstaGC. My earnings are kind of stuck on it right now. I hope to start using it more soon though. I hear good things about it.


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