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July Earnings (Sorry so late, been very busy)

Well it is nearly a month later and I am just now finding the time to sit down and do this post. I am sorry for the long wait but it has been a very busy time for me. Since the end of July I have been working nearly everyday in my parents garden to make extra income. My body is not use to it though and I am pretty sore some days. Today even I was suppose to go in but I have a sharp pain in my side. I guess the biggest issue might be the fact I was so inactive before doing this work so it is hard to get use to.

Either way though it is a great experience. I even have lost a bit of weight since starting. Since I am not sure of my income situation after the garden I have penny pinching hardcore. And of course doing online work/task when I can, which hasn't been often.

So with that let's take a look at July's earnings.

Postloop - $10.18
Prolific Academic - $10.71
Pinecone Research - $6.00
UsabilityHub - $20.10
Usertesting - $10.00
Total - $56.99

And if anyone is wondering I will be l…