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Good Time To Join Swagbucks And Get 200SBs Fast :)

The bad news is that this is a time sensitive thing and by that I mean Swagbucks has introduced a new and cool Swago board that you can easily earn 200SBs from just visiting stores through your mobile device or from your PC. This does end October 24th though at 12pm PT! So if you are new you might want to join now

I did this video today to show people how easy this is. Even for anyone who is old to Swagbucks this is so easy and a quick way to grab up 200 free SBs. I also forgot to mention in my video that this also helps another way, the points from daily goal! So because I got 200SBS credited to my account right away I got an easy 12 extra SBs as well. Not to shabby.

This is just to show that I did indeed get the board full. It was a good day for me on Swagbucks that is for sure.

Swago Board Success!

Some of you may remember a post I made back in June titled Swago Fail
Long story short I did not submit the pattern on my board in time and because of that I missed out on some Swagbucks. Well I have some good news this time I did it and this time I got a nice amount of SBs for stuff I do on Swagbucks anyways.

I did something important this time around though I took the time to study the board. Some of the stuff is moved around compared to previous boards so this made it easier for me. A problem I had last time was that I could not seem to find the survey app to use on my phone so this made it for I missed out. Well I did this time!

I found it by searching "Swagbucks Answer" in my Google Playstore. I had believed that I was not going to be able to use it because of my phone being a bit older but I found it. I can say the app did crash a few times though, so it seems to me the Swagbucks team may have some bugs they need to fix.

So the pattern I got to complete is the pattern …

August And September Online Earnings! And Updates

Well first of I have been very busy working my whole summer in my parents garden. I have been helping them pick produce, sort product and get it ready for orders that go to stores in the community. Some days after working I did come online long enough to post to ForumCoin and Postloop but that was about it. So my earning updates are low but I will share them anyways.

August Earnings:

Zurb Inc/Enroll - $1.20 USD
MintVine - $10.01 USD
Total: $11.21 USD

September Earnings:

Postloop - $5.03 USD
Prolific Academic - $5.28 GBP
Total: $10.31

I decided to do something different with my updates. In previous updates I would share the total, this time around I am doing the same but also adding if it was USD, CAD or GBP currency. I am not including the balance with conversions though. I can say though since I am in Canada and most sites pay me in USD it does mean my earnings are slightly higher.

The garden work has come to an end for the most part so I will be online more now trying to make some extra c…