Swago Board Success!

Some of you may remember a post I made back in June titled Swago Fail
Long story short I did not submit the pattern on my board in time and because of that I missed out on some Swagbucks. Well I have some good news this time I did it and this time I got a nice amount of SBs for stuff I do on Swagbucks anyways.

I did something important this time around though I took the time to study the board. Some of the stuff is moved around compared to previous boards so this made it easier for me. A problem I had last time was that I could not seem to find the survey app to use on my phone so this made it for I missed out. Well I did this time!

I found it by searching "Swagbucks Answer" in my Google Playstore. I had believed that I was not going to be able to use it because of my phone being a bit older but I found it. I can say the app did crash a few times though, so it seems to me the Swagbucks team may have some bugs they need to fix.

So the pattern I got to complete is the pattern before the biggest reward which was pretty exciting. The Perimeter or outer square is the one I got done.  If you are new to Swagbucks or Swago keep in mind that your "Pattern" legend may show multiple submit buttons for different patterns, you can only submit one! So remember that when getting each thing done.

Above is a screen cap of my Swago board. The hardest part for me was earning even just 1 point in the survey answer app, this was an issue because of it crashing a few times and even crashed during a survey. I did not think I would get it done but I did. Now you may be wondering why didn't I complete the board. Well I have 0 referrals so there was no way I could complete for the 300 SB reward. That is okay though I got the 2nd biggest prize and I am happy with that.

Once I was ready to turn in my board I got a message where I had to select yes and then had the above screen come up. So it was added to my account which is great. I did have to spend some of my points on a gift card but since I got back into reading I had no issues getting a $10 Indigo card. I also had to enter some giveaways to complete that pattern. Thankfully I had the swagbucks to buy the tickets so that was fine. I just wanted to share this because I was pretty excited when I got what normally is a harder pattern completed, done. Sound fun? Why not signup and try it out.


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