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October Earnings And Updates

Well the months I am noticing seem to be flying by and ever since starting my new job which is outside the home I am not able to dedicate as much time online. To be honest if I spend all my time just working offline and online I may go crazy! I did that once before while at a call center I would work there and Bubblews at work and at home. Which was fine but in time it was too much working. We all need to rest and relax too.

I am working at a dollar store stocking shelves. And if customers approach me with questions I do my best to assist them. I am quite proud of myself because this is a big deal since I do have social anxiety. I am glad to be out of my shell some and trying to work around more people. This job may only be seasonal though and if it is, well that will suck it will mean possibly done around Christmas time. And some of the money I am making already has places to go. Not just bills but car things like winter tires and undercoating.

With the work schedule being 4am - 12:3…