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Qmee Has Come To Canada :)

I am sure some of you have already heard but I wanted to post about it anyways. Qmee is now available in Canada :)!  The cool thing about this is that there is no cash out minimum! So you can cash out any amount in your Qmee piggy bank.

The first day I used Qmee I did earn on a search I did but after that for some reason I wasn't earning that way. So surveys has been my go to earning method. I have done research online and the chrome extension for Qmee appears to be working. Regardless I do not mind because money is money and at the end of the day it is extra cash.

This is just to show the surveys and what they pay. The other day I did have something frustrating happen though which hasn't happened to me in a long time. I had a survey which I finished or thought I did that seemed to time out. It was just a 52 cent survey but still, it took a bit to do so I was not happy. The rest have all worked fine though.

Sadly Qmee is not International though. At current Qmee is open for r…

November 2017 Online Earnings And Updates

Greetings fellow bloggers and extra cash earners. For the month of November I do not have much to report in regards to earnings. I felt a huge sting in my earnings where they were very low. I started doing something new though. Since I have 2 computers, I have been using my gaming PC to run Engageme videos on Grindabuck on autopilot so to speak. By that I mean the videos run constantly while I either am out doing errands, cleaning or doing things on my laptop. This has helped me to earn 20 or more GaBs a day. GaBs is Grindabuck's currency so that is pretty much 20 cents or so. I do not let my PC run all day and I do not leave it on, so unless I test that I won't know how much I can truly make doing that. Even though my power is included in my rent I am not big on leaving a bunch of devices on all night.

Aside from that I was also lucky to discover that Qmee is now available for me so that is very exciting news. I had been trying to join Qmee for a long time but it was not ava…

Streetbees - Get Paid Doing Task (International)

I had seen Streetbees mentioned on Reddit a few times but did not bother joining the app until this weekend gone by. I have been on the hunt for new survey opportunities or task that could include mystery shops. I joined this app and did 2 task so far, and have been paid for 1 so far.

I am gathering that depending on your country could mean lower pay in some cases and also depending on location there may be less task. This is an ongoing issue though with all task and apps from what I can see so I am pretty use to seeing this. Here is some payment proof:

The first task I did for them was pretty much an about me type of task. It sort of reminded me of filling out a survey profile and I got paid $1.00 for doing it or in my case $1.25 after converting USD to CAD.

Yesterday when I opened streetbees this was the task I saw. I just had to respond to some questions and should get $1.00. This one is not completed yet (They still are looking it over) and then I should get paid. I have had no t…

Calling All Gamers, Make Extra Cash Following People On Twitch!

I am a gamer myself so I knew already about Twitch TV. I don't use it all the time but sometimes it is fun to sit back and watch someone else play a game or get new ideas on how to do things. I don't recall posting about TwitchFollows previously and this site is one I have made some extra cash from.

Now if you been following my blog I had been very inactive due to working for my family over the summer. I am just now getting back at it and rechecking programs I used previously for earning cash. Just to show how long it has been my last payment from TwitchFollows was, May 25th 2017. After that I was just hardly online and had no time to check the site like I was. So the payment proof is old, but here it is:

Like I said it has been quite a while since I used the site so there has been some changes. For instance the payment threshold is higher now, but when I logged in today there seemed to be more people to follow then usual which always is a good sign.

How do I earn money?

October 2017 Online Earnings

I was hoping for October I would be back in the swing of things but I been busy adjusting to spending time in the city. I am a country girl, so I am not a big fan of that but the guy I am now seeing lives here so I am getting use it for him. I am now laid off from my seasonal farming work and able to try and get a online routine going again or at least I hope to in time. I got Internet in my name too which will help.

 Here is my earnings for October:

October 2017 Earnings
Prolific Academic - £10.88 GBP - $17.74 after conversion to CAD
Earnably - $1.00 USD - $1.27 after conversion to CAD
Grindabuck - $17.50 USD - $22.35 after conversion to CAD
UsabilityHub - $11.70 USD - $14.94 after conversion to CAD
Content Gather - $5.26 USD - $6.47 after conversion to CAD
Total before conversions: $46.34
Grand total of everything converted to CAD: $62.77 CAD

I have seen some better months that is for sure but won't complain about this either. It has been a busy month with personal things and such. I am h…

July 2017, August 2017 And September 2017 Online Earnings

First I want to say how sorry I am for not doing my monthly post but it has been so crazy here lately. In my previous earning post I had mentioned the split from my long term boyfriend. We are still split but still get on as friends. I am dating someone else now who is sweeping me off my feet. I also worked every single day (minus rain days) harvesting my parents garden which I did get paid for so that was a nice help to my earnings. Sadly due to the garden though I have not been doing really anything online as far as earnings go. I am just now looking over the sites I was working on. I need to spend a day to catch up too, I don't know what is new out there for earning sites.

So here is a look at my earnings.

July 2017
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
GrindaBuck - $5.00 USD - $6.25 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research - $3.00 CAD
Total before conversions: $33.00
Grand total of everything converted to CAD: $34.25 CAD

August 2017 and September 2017 there was no earnings.

So as you can s…

June 2017 Online Earnings

First off I want to apologize for posting this 2 weeks late. This post is going to get personal for a moment, which again I do apologize for but it is my blog so I shall post what I want. On June 11th me and my long term boyfriend/husband split. For anyone who follows me on forums, there have been times I mentioned issues that arose but not in great detail. I can say this past month has been rough on me emotionally and physically.

My earnings for June sucked because of us ending as I spent a lot of time crying and maybe feeling sorry for myself too. I feel a bit better right now but still very brokenhearted at our end. But that is life my friends, that is life. Nothing last forever is probably my new motto. A lot has changed for me I had to leave the cat we rescued together due to her having feline herpes I could not bring her to my parents home as their cat would catch it too. The good news is my ex is being good about everything including letting me keep certain items there until I…

May 2017 Online Earnings

Well it is now June 2017 and it is getting quite hot some days here already. We did just have some cold days though so I won't complain about heat to much until it gets to be to much. I find it warm but not crazy warm yet. The start of May I was busy finishing off the seed planting for my parents. I think planted 90% of the greenhouse seeds by myself. It was kind of them and it got me away from the computer and gave me some extra cash that was needed. Here is a look at my May online earnings:

May Earnings
SurveyLion - $7.00 (cheque)
GrindaBuck - $27.50 USD - $36.23 CAD after currency conversion
Prolific Academic - £22.06 GBP - $37.54 CAD after currency conversion
UserTesting - $40.00 USD - $53.05 CAD after currency conversion
Postloop - $5.14 USD - $6.81 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research - $9.00 CAD
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
Quest MindShare - $50.00 CAD (This was for music survey completed in April)
GiftGame App - $3.10 CAD
TwitchFollows - $5.93 CAD

Total before conversions: $194.…

Postloop Is Back And Paying!

As a lot of you probably are aware Postloop closed it's doors on November of 2016. I remember being quite upset over it because they shut down on my birthday. Well since then they are back! I will tell you what was really nice, I was able to login with my same details and my rating is still there along with my points. So in a matter of days of going back I was able to cash out. Needless to say I am happy to see some forums back on the list that are paying and quick payments. Here is some proof below:

I also shared this same picture on my Twitter feed May 15th 2017 to let people know there too. Here is a post from April which you can find on Postloop's front page too:
I am sharing this because there is plans mentioned of things that will be added like a mobile version! And possible other ways of payment, I highly suggest reading that post it has good details listed.

Some good news to mention as well is since …

April 2017 Online Earnings

April was a strange month for online earnings because of my time away from the computer but the days I was not away it seemed that I was not able to earn as much as the previous month. I also had set a goal to post twice a week to the blog in April and that did not happen either. For April I think I did a total of 4 blog post. I guess that is better then some months though. Here is a look at April earnings,

April Earnings
SurveyLion: $7.00 CAD (Cheque)
AngusReid: $10.00 CAD (Cheque)
Bestmark: $4.00 USD (Cheque) - $5.15 CAD after currency conversion
UsabilityHub: $20.00 USD - $26.27 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research: $6.00 CAD
Swagbucks: $25.00 CAD
ForumCoin: $5.97 CAD
Grabpoints: $3.00 USD - $3.88 CAD after currency conversion
Zurb INC/Enroll: $1.50 USD - $1.94 CAD after currency conversion
Earnably: $1.00 USD - $1.29 CAD after currency conversion
MintVine: $10.00 USD - $12.97 CAD after currency conversion
GrindaBuck: $15.00 USD - $19.55 CAD after currency conversion
Prolific Academi…

Keeping Track Of Online Earnings

How do you keep track of your online earnings? It is an important question and something important to do. Not just for tax type purposes but also if you are like me and using multiple websites it can come in handy to keep track of it all somewhere.

In the past I have used an Excel sheet but would often forget to update it. For a brief period I also used a word document saved where I typed in each payment as I got it, but same issue I would forget. I also had a earning journal for a while where I wrote down my earnings everyday. I sometimes still do that but find it to be extra work.

And then there is keeping track of payments when waiting. I use to have sticky notes everywhere for this but I found them to sometimes become too cluttered. So now I stick to a whiteboard because it is so easy and erases easy too.

This is a picture of how I keep track of payments as I wait for them. The whiteboard was bought at Wal Mart during the summer when school supplies were on sale. I think I paid $…

Prolific Academic - How To Get More Surveys

I have been asked this before when I was promoting Prolific Academic because I love the site so much and it is not really a survey site so much. Well it is and isn't, some surveys may want you to write out responses to questions, some are click and choose task and so on. They are quite interesting compared to a boring beverage survey for example.

The biggest thing seems to be demographics and some people seem to think it is country based which sometimes is true but not always. I was taking a look into their FAQ page and found this "Please note that many studies have eligibility criteria. This means that sometimes only certain demographics are required (e.g. 20-30 year old female Astrophysics students from Germany, to give one example). - Take from Prolific Academics "

I picked the above example because even though yes it is showing Germany as the target country it also is showing…

Gift Game App Review

Normally I don't like doing reviews until I reach the cash out and have been paid by the website or app. I was bored on April 6th and downloaded it to my phone. I came across it on Facebook in the ads section. Currently the only apps on my phone for making extra cash is GrabPoints, Swagbucks, Caddle, Checkout51 and Mobile Xpression. I am running an older phone (Samsung Galaxy S III) So sadly I am limited with the amount of space I have and then the fact the phone is becoming old in Galaxy series of phones.
Once in a while I will download a random "make free money" app as some people call them, get bored of them and do away with the app quickly. I already have been paid once by GrabPoints and am close to another cash out. Gift Game I have only been using for a few days so I still have a ways to go. I am kind of making it quite slow for me though because I am not doing any task like downloading apps for cash. Instead I am playing the games, watching some videos and enter…

March Online Earnings

I have to say I am not impressed with myself and my March earnings. I failed my goal to make $100.00 with GrindaBuck and I did not make $400.00 online by the end of March like I had hoped! I am not going to dwell on it too much but still I feel like I let myself down. Plus I did not keep this blog updated like I said I would either. I am going to have to sit down and think of new topic ideas to get more wrote or pre written or something. My earnings are not terrible though! The one positive is that I earned more in March then I did in February. Take a look,

March Earnings
Checkout 51: $20.00 (Cheque) 
Bestmark: $16.00 (Cheque)
ClixSense: $12.13 (Cheque)
Earnably: $1.00 USD 
Total after currency conversion: $1.29 CAD
GrindaBuck: $35.00 USD
Total after currency conversion: $45.44 CAD
UsabilityHub: $20.00 USD
Total after currency conversion: $26.16 CAD
Pinecone Research: $12.00 CAD
Prolific Academic: £20.25 GBP
Total after currency conversion: $32.44 CAD
ForumCoin: $5.95 CAD
UserTesting: $80.00 USD

Checkout51 Review And Payment Proof

I have been using Checkout51 for a very long time and to be honest I was worried I would never reach the $20.00 payment that is needed to cash out by check with this app. I am not trying to put down the app in any way by saying this, so try not to get to discouraged and read on.

Cashback and shopping apps seem to be something on the rise as of lately and becoming a popular means for people to save money. Maybe you already use Checkout51 or heard of it? Another popular app is Ibotta. I wanted to quickly mention Ibotta because I have heard A LOT of good things about it. At this time though Ibotta is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico. Learn about Ibotta here

Who Can Use Checkout51?
This is taken directly from their website, "Products must be purchased in your country of registration. We currently support the United States (the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, Overseas US Military Bases, Puerto Rico) and Canada." You can read more ab…

BestMark Mystery Shopping (Canada and USA)

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and in a town with a population less than 10,000 people. For a long time I would research various mystery shopping companies and sign up. Some of the sites I joined though only had shops in the cities so it never worked out for me. So today I wanted to talk about BestMark because they sometimes have phone and web based mystery shops which you can do from your home. Pretty cool! And a fun idea if you don't want to go out.

At current these are the following requirements to be a mystery shopper with BestMark

"Minimum Mystery Shopper and Exit Interviewer Criteria
Must be 19 years of age or olderMust have reliable transportationMust have good written communication skillsMust be able to focus on detailsMust have full internet access (at home or at work)"  The above is taken right from their website. So of course this could change in time.
Oh and if you are wondering if they pay, yeah they do. Here is some payment proof:
This is a recent check for …

February Online Earnings

Well as shocking as it is to say this February is one of the best months I have had for online earnings in a very long time. I am quite surprised. I just hope I can increase these earnings since April will be rough for me. In April I need to renew my plate and insurance for my car so that can be a bit costly. By being very strict with myself I was able to earn what I did in Feb so I am happy with it but hope to do better. Here is a look at my earnings:

February Earnings
GrindaBuck - $45.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $57.35 CAD
UserTesting - $90.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $114.48 CAD
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
ForumCoin - $5.77 CAD
Grabpoints - $3.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $4.01 CAD
MicroWorkers - $9.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $11.39 CAD
Prolific Academic - $15.30 GBP
Total after currency conversion - $24.25 CAD
MintVine - $10.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $12.72 CAD
Pinecone Research - $3.00 CAD
Grand Total: $206.07 (total with mixed curren…

GrindaBuck - A Month Later...

Since I did a post on ClixSense about a month later and earnings I figured it was time to do GrindaBuck too, since I have been actively been using it for the past 30 days. I have a Youtube video about GrindaBuck as well which you can check out here

What I Enjoyed!
I love that GrindaBuck has a chat box that all members can use, even VIP level 1 members. And I like that the task ticker shows us when cash outs are processed and how people are earning, it is a good way to learn more about the site.The community is very friendly! When I joined GrindaBuck I was surprised by how helpful the admins were in chat and through the support ticket system and other members were so kind too with answering questions I had.Trivia Tuesdays! Trivia Tuesday is a chat game with 3 rounds at 6pm/7pm/8pm (Eastern time). It is played in chat. A mod host it and we try to answer the questions. Who  ever answers correctly first wins. It is a great way to win free GaB's (GrindaBucks)Bonuses and monthly contest!…

ClixSense A Month Later...

I decided when I started using ClixsSense again that once a month passed of me using the website I would go ahead and do another post. This post is to talk about my earnings and other things I was doing on the website.

What I Enjoyed
The site is easy to use!User friendly navigation.The "What's New" section was updated.Clixsense was quick to add other payment options after not having Paypal anymore.The Clixgrid and clicking on the ads were my favorite activity on this site.What I Did Not LIke
Offer walls are similar to other sites so I found that there is some good offers I can't do because I have done them elsewhere.Surveys though enjoyable had to many disqualifies and no small reward for disqualification like some sites add a couple cents reward such as MintVine or GrindaBuck.I am sad that Paypal is gone from the site but will be using Payza as my new payment option. Because of what felt like a lack of earning opportunities for me I didn't spend hours on this site…

ForumCoin – A Good Site For International Money Makers

As stated in my last post I did say there would be a 3rd and final post about ForumCoin and how to make more ForumCoins. But first I wanted to mention that this site offers something important people from various countries can join! A long standing problem I am seeing online these days is that there just isn't a good amount of work online for the “International worker” I often include myself in this category because there are various sites I cannot make cash on because I am in Canada. I guess I can say I am still lucky though because I still have more earning opportunities compared to some countries.
In my first post I talked about ForumCoin Faucet which is here To briefly recap in order to earn your ForumCoins from the faucet you must make sure you have an account with ForumCoin which you can get here Every 5 minutes the page reloads and you click submit, that is it! And you get 0.11 ForumCoin sent off to your ForumCoins account. So far I have got 38 cents from i…

Writing Articles On ForumCoin - A Way To Make More ForumCoins :)

In my previous post I talked about ForumCoin Faucet and how easy it is to use and everyone using ForumCoin should really sign up to it, to get those extra ForumCoins. Another great way to earn some extra ForumCoin though is to become a writer for the site and post some articles. So let's check it out together.

Finding it is very easy. On The Forum index page it is at the bottom where it says "Articles & Tutorials". I understand writing is not for everyone. That section has been up for quite a while and I didn't post my first article until Feb 9th 2017. I waited a long time because even though I love to write and enjoy writing I do get self conscious about it. So since that date I have managed to post 2 articles which earned me 100 ForumCoins so far. 100 ForumCoins is the equivalent of $1.00.

One thing to note though to become an article writer for ForumCoin you should first become a valued member of the community. Try to make it a small goal! If you are not alre…

ForumCoin Faucet - A Way To Make More ForumCoins :)

It has been a while since I talked about ForumCoin and I am sure some people who follow my monthly income post probably notice that I do not make money with this website every month. No it is not a scam or anything like that, it is slow earning but it is worth it. And ForumCoin has added 2 new things or new ways I should say to make extra ForumCoin.

The first one I am going to talk about is my favorite new way because it is so easy to do. ForunCoin Faucet! If you are not a member of ForumCoin sign up here first. The reason why I am suggesting signing up here first is because you will need a ForumCoin username to use the Faucet and get your points. To signup to the Faucet go here

The ForumCoin Faucet is easy to use. I have started adding it to my routine by leaving a tab open and checking it when I remember to. You can claim free ForumCoin from it every 5 minutes. Now I don't remember to every 5 minutes, but I am just thankful for the free ForumCoin it does offer.

I made a circle …

GrindaBuck A Awesome GPT/Reward Site

I did do a video on Youtube that gave a quick overview of the website but I am worried it might of confused some people who viewed it. Either way I am going to just mention some things about the website here that are important.

First off the daily check in is worth 3 GaBs (Gabs is short for Grindabucks) this is the currency used on Grindabuck. You can redeem your GaBs for Paypal, Bitcoin, WalMart gift cards, gift cards, Game Stop and Rixty gift cards. The cool thing to is that gift cards are processed quickly most of the time. I got Paypal cash the same day I redeemed. Here is payment proof:

Okay so now let's talk about earning some GaBs. I will mention my daily routine now and hopefully that will help people earn more GaBs :).

Once I get to GrindaBuck the first thing I do is my daily check in. Make sure you do this, 3 points each day. If you do this everyday in a 31 day month for example that is 93 GaBs or 93 cents. I know that is not much but I forgot to mention ther…

January Online Earnings

Well on a good note January was a lot better then December. It seemed like December so not good earning wise for me because so much was happening. Funky sleep schedule and working outside the home and of course the holidays. I did not meet all my goals for January but it all is a work in progress. Here is a look at my earnings:

January Earnings
Pinecone Research - $12.00
Prolific Academic - $11.00 - $17.31 is the amount after conversion to CAD
Usertesting - $13.00 - $16.55 is the amount after conversion to CAD
TheForumWheel - $0.25 cents
Total: $46.11

Not a horrible month all in all for earnings. I do wish I had of earned more but a lot of sites I use have payment rules where you need for instance $5.00 or $10.00 until you can cash out. I was not showing conversions before but figured I would since this shows the real earnings once I transfer the sent currency to my own.

I have a feeling with hard work I can earn more in February but I don't want to pressure myself too much. After all …

Trying Out Clixsense

Clixsense I do believe is quite popular now because it is one of the longest running PTC websites. Clixsense has been around since 2007. People already very familiar with making extra cash online are probably already using Clixsense.

A long time ago I actually forgot about Clixsense they were kind enough not to delete my account but I did need to get it up and going again due to inactivity. I am trying a bit harder now and hoping to cash out sometime in Feb on this one. I don't have a set goal on when I would like to cash out but just hope to.

Some Reasons To Join:
Daily Checklist BonusSurveys (I often get kicked quick if I don't qualify which is a bonus!)PTC clicks - So there isn't a lot of ads for me to click but hey every cent countsMany offerwalls to choose fromClixgrid - easy clicking like game where you sometimes can win $$$Task section provided by CrowdFlower  I have not been to lucky myself with the Clixgrid game lately. Since being active one day I got 5 more chanc…

Important Updates :)

Hey everyone this is a quick update post before I go off to bed. It is 2AM here so I probably should sleep lol. Okay I started using Niume a blogging platform and am enjoying it so far but not spending much time on it. To my understanding it is very important to share your post as it seems to only pay based on views. So this could be a good alternative to Bubblews. Yeah Bubblews was fun while it lasted but we all know why that one didn't work out. If you like what I write and want to see what I write on Niume then check it out here and you can sign up here to try Niume out.

I copy and pasted this from the revenue page as this will explain it much better then I probably could:

"RPM is an acronym which stands for Revenues Per Mille, and corresponds to the amount paid for every thousand views on a page. In other words, every time your post makes 1,000 views you will make $1."

Does it pay low? Yes, probably. Remember though this 1,000 views can probably count towards mul…

Thanks MintVine

Today while using MintVine something happened that has never happened to me before while using a survey website. So I had to share this because it is a big deal to me. I took 2 full screenshots to share them with everyone.

If you look at the picture there is some yellowish looking text letting me know the survey is not performing well for targeted audiences. I decided to continue just to see how it would go, I mean I figured, why not?

It might be hard to tell or see. But in this second picture the box where I would continue to the survey won't let me click it. I even waited a while too and still couldn't. Annoying well of course! But what wasn't annoying was having MintVine share that there was problems with the survey.

You know I can't think of any survey company as of lately posting something to let us know. So this made me impressed with MintVine and like them even more as a earning website.

My earnings have gone down with MintVine actually but it was be…