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Trying Out Clixsense

Clixsense I do believe is quite popular now because it is one of the longest running PTC websites. Clixsense has been around since 2007. People already very familiar with making extra cash online are probably already using Clixsense.

A long time ago I actually forgot about Clixsense they were kind enough not to delete my account but I did need to get it up and going again due to inactivity. I am trying a bit harder now and hoping to cash out sometime in Feb on this one. I don't have a set goal on when I would like to cash out but just hope to.

Some Reasons To Join:
Daily Checklist BonusSurveys (I often get kicked quick if I don't qualify which is a bonus!)PTC clicks - So there isn't a lot of ads for me to click but hey every cent countsMany offerwalls to choose fromClixgrid - easy clicking like game where you sometimes can win $$$Task section provided by CrowdFlower  I have not been to lucky myself with the Clixgrid game lately. Since being active one day I got 5 more chanc…

Important Updates :)

Hey everyone this is a quick update post before I go off to bed. It is 2AM here so I probably should sleep lol. Okay I started using Niume a blogging platform and am enjoying it so far but not spending much time on it. To my understanding it is very important to share your post as it seems to only pay based on views. So this could be a good alternative to Bubblews. Yeah Bubblews was fun while it lasted but we all know why that one didn't work out. If you like what I write and want to see what I write on Niume then check it out here and you can sign up here to try Niume out.

I copy and pasted this from the revenue page as this will explain it much better then I probably could:

"RPM is an acronym which stands for Revenues Per Mille, and corresponds to the amount paid for every thousand views on a page. In other words, every time your post makes 1,000 views you will make $1."

Does it pay low? Yes, probably. Remember though this 1,000 views can probably count towards mul…

Thanks MintVine

Today while using MintVine something happened that has never happened to me before while using a survey website. So I had to share this because it is a big deal to me. I took 2 full screenshots to share them with everyone.

If you look at the picture there is some yellowish looking text letting me know the survey is not performing well for targeted audiences. I decided to continue just to see how it would go, I mean I figured, why not?

It might be hard to tell or see. But in this second picture the box where I would continue to the survey won't let me click it. I even waited a while too and still couldn't. Annoying well of course! But what wasn't annoying was having MintVine share that there was problems with the survey.

You know I can't think of any survey company as of lately posting something to let us know. So this made me impressed with MintVine and like them even more as a earning website.

My earnings have gone down with MintVine actually but it was be…

December 2016 Earnings

I think December so far has been the worst month earning wise for me. It has been a busy month for me though. My offline job may be coming to an end though which will mean I can spend more time online.

December Earnings
Prolific Academic - $6.14
Pinecone Research - $3.00
Total: $9.14

The holidays had me busy as well since I actually saw my family both Christmas eve and day. And work was crazy, there was a lot to do with getting ready for the holidays. 2017 is upon us now and I am hoping to make more online among other things.