Trying Out Clixsense

Clixsense I do believe is quite popular now because it is one of the longest running PTC websites. Clixsense has been around since 2007. People already very familiar with making extra cash online are probably already using Clixsense.

A long time ago I actually forgot about Clixsense they were kind enough not to delete my account but I did need to get it up and going again due to inactivity. I am trying a bit harder now and hoping to cash out sometime in Feb on this one. I don't have a set goal on when I would like to cash out but just hope to.

Some Reasons To Join:
  • Daily Checklist Bonus
  • Surveys (I often get kicked quick if I don't qualify which is a bonus!)
  • PTC clicks - So there isn't a lot of ads for me to click but hey every cent counts
  • Many offerwalls to choose from
  • Clixgrid - easy clicking like game where you sometimes can win $$$
  • Task section provided by CrowdFlower 
 I have not been to lucky myself with the Clixgrid game lately. Since being active one day I got 5 more chances but today I at least won 0.25 cents which is better then nothing.

I won't be able to do some of the offers on the wall because some of those same offers are on GrindaBuck, so I am pretty sure I cannot do them again. GrindaBuck is great too but I will do a quick post on them another day.

Here is some stat info of my earnings so far on Clixsense:

I know some people are doing well with Clixsense because of many referrals and because of being in the USA. I am in Canada so my earnings are not great but I check this site through out the day, its not something I sit on for hours or anything. I will post updates as they come and when I get payment proof. If you want to try it out, join here


  1. I joined ClixSense in 2009 but didn't continue. ☹

    1. I joined it way back to and do remember cashing out once but that was years ago. I recently got my account again. Its okay but not a high earner, I am mostly earning with surveys.

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    1. Interesting I have never tried that method before. Maybe you could tell me more about it, like how much it cost to buy these products and such? Also thank you for the nice comment :)

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