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ClixSense A Month Later...

I decided when I started using ClixsSense again that once a month passed of me using the website I would go ahead and do another post. This post is to talk about my earnings and other things I was doing on the website.

What I Enjoyed
The site is easy to use!User friendly navigation.The "What's New" section was updated.Clixsense was quick to add other payment options after not having Paypal anymore.The Clixgrid and clicking on the ads were my favorite activity on this site.What I Did Not LIke
Offer walls are similar to other sites so I found that there is some good offers I can't do because I have done them elsewhere.Surveys though enjoyable had to many disqualifies and no small reward for disqualification like some sites add a couple cents reward such as MintVine or GrindaBuck.I am sad that Paypal is gone from the site but will be using Payza as my new payment option. Because of what felt like a lack of earning opportunities for me I didn't spend hours on this site…

ForumCoin – A Good Site For International Money Makers

As stated in my last post I did say there would be a 3rd and final post about ForumCoin and how to make more ForumCoins. But first I wanted to mention that this site offers something important people from various countries can join! A long standing problem I am seeing online these days is that there just isn't a good amount of work online for the “International worker” I often include myself in this category because there are various sites I cannot make cash on because I am in Canada. I guess I can say I am still lucky though because I still have more earning opportunities compared to some countries.
In my first post I talked about ForumCoin Faucet which is here To briefly recap in order to earn your ForumCoins from the faucet you must make sure you have an account with ForumCoin which you can get here Every 5 minutes the page reloads and you click submit, that is it! And you get 0.11 ForumCoin sent off to your ForumCoins account. So far I have got 38 cents from i…

Writing Articles On ForumCoin - A Way To Make More ForumCoins :)

In my previous post I talked about ForumCoin Faucet and how easy it is to use and everyone using ForumCoin should really sign up to it, to get those extra ForumCoins. Another great way to earn some extra ForumCoin though is to become a writer for the site and post some articles. So let's check it out together.

Finding it is very easy. On The Forum index page it is at the bottom where it says "Articles & Tutorials". I understand writing is not for everyone. That section has been up for quite a while and I didn't post my first article until Feb 9th 2017. I waited a long time because even though I love to write and enjoy writing I do get self conscious about it. So since that date I have managed to post 2 articles which earned me 100 ForumCoins so far. 100 ForumCoins is the equivalent of $1.00.

One thing to note though to become an article writer for ForumCoin you should first become a valued member of the community. Try to make it a small goal! If you are not alre…

ForumCoin Faucet - A Way To Make More ForumCoins :)

It has been a while since I talked about ForumCoin and I am sure some people who follow my monthly income post probably notice that I do not make money with this website every month. No it is not a scam or anything like that, it is slow earning but it is worth it. And ForumCoin has added 2 new things or new ways I should say to make extra ForumCoin.

The first one I am going to talk about is my favorite new way because it is so easy to do. ForunCoin Faucet! If you are not a member of ForumCoin sign up here first. The reason why I am suggesting signing up here first is because you will need a ForumCoin username to use the Faucet and get your points. To signup to the Faucet go here

The ForumCoin Faucet is easy to use. I have started adding it to my routine by leaving a tab open and checking it when I remember to. You can claim free ForumCoin from it every 5 minutes. Now I don't remember to every 5 minutes, but I am just thankful for the free ForumCoin it does offer.

I made a circle …

GrindaBuck A Awesome GPT/Reward Site

I did do a video on Youtube that gave a quick overview of the website but I am worried it might of confused some people who viewed it. Either way I am going to just mention some things about the website here that are important.

First off the daily check in is worth 3 GaBs (Gabs is short for Grindabucks) this is the currency used on Grindabuck. You can redeem your GaBs for Paypal, Bitcoin, WalMart gift cards, gift cards, Game Stop and Rixty gift cards. The cool thing to is that gift cards are processed quickly most of the time. I got Paypal cash the same day I redeemed. Here is payment proof:

Okay so now let's talk about earning some GaBs. I will mention my daily routine now and hopefully that will help people earn more GaBs :).

Once I get to GrindaBuck the first thing I do is my daily check in. Make sure you do this, 3 points each day. If you do this everyday in a 31 day month for example that is 93 GaBs or 93 cents. I know that is not much but I forgot to mention ther…

January Online Earnings

Well on a good note January was a lot better then December. It seemed like December so not good earning wise for me because so much was happening. Funky sleep schedule and working outside the home and of course the holidays. I did not meet all my goals for January but it all is a work in progress. Here is a look at my earnings:

January Earnings
Pinecone Research - $12.00
Prolific Academic - $11.00 - $17.31 is the amount after conversion to CAD
Usertesting - $13.00 - $16.55 is the amount after conversion to CAD
TheForumWheel - $0.25 cents
Total: $46.11

Not a horrible month all in all for earnings. I do wish I had of earned more but a lot of sites I use have payment rules where you need for instance $5.00 or $10.00 until you can cash out. I was not showing conversions before but figured I would since this shows the real earnings once I transfer the sent currency to my own.

I have a feeling with hard work I can earn more in February but I don't want to pressure myself too much. After all …