February Online Earnings

Well as shocking as it is to say this February is one of the best months I have had for online earnings in a very long time. I am quite surprised. I just hope I can increase these earnings since April will be rough for me. In April I need to renew my plate and insurance for my car so that can be a bit costly. By being very strict with myself I was able to earn what I did in Feb so I am happy with it but hope to do better. Here is a look at my earnings:

February Earnings
GrindaBuck - $45.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $57.35 CAD
UserTesting - $90.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $114.48 CAD
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
ForumCoin - $5.77 CAD
Grabpoints - $3.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $4.01 CAD
MicroWorkers - $9.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $11.39 CAD
Prolific Academic - $15.30 GBP
Total after currency conversion - $24.25 CAD
MintVine - $10.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $12.72 CAD
Pinecone Research - $3.00 CAD
Grand Total: $206.07 (total with mixed currencies)
Grand Total with currency conversions - $257.97 CAD

I decided this month to break down the earnings a bit for people can see how earnings are sent to me and the conversion to CAD. So as you can see most websites sent me my cash in USD which I always transfer right away to CAD in my Paypal account. Prolific Academic is the only site on the list right now paying me in GBP (Great British Pounds). The spot that says grand total is only the totals in the mixed currencies. The 2nd total with the currency conversions is showing only the CAD totals. Hopefully that does make some sense to others as I am not trying to confuse but break it down a bit. I also cashed out at the end of the month $12.00 from ClixSense but it is coming in check form so it may be a while before I get it.

Goals and Thoughts

I am pretty happy with the outcome of my earnings right now but I do need to earn a lot more before the 2nd week or sooner of April. So I will be pushing hard where I can to do that. I really don't want to borrow money from my parents to cover my new car insurance bill but I might have to! But time shall tell. I guess it is true what they say the more effort you put in, the better the results so that is indeed a huge plus for me. This is the first time other then when I first started that I dedicated a huge amount of my time to try and earn online.

The biggest goal I set for myself is to make $100.00 this month on GrindaBuck. I figured it wouldn't be hard to double it but it might be, this is an experiment too though to see how it goes. As a total earning goal I would like to make $400.00 by the end of March but this feels impossible. I say impossible because the earning sites I use are not always top earners for me but with hard work if I can make even half of that I would be pretty happy! If you got any questions or comments about my earnings or what I do online, please leave a comment below. Happy earning!


  1. Congrats! I guess GrindaBuck is not available in my country. 😊 I visit GrabPoints daily.

    1. Sorry to hear, maybe in the future they will open up to more countries. I visit GrabPoints daily too to at least get the free points for the codes. :)

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    1. Sounds interesting enough, but not sure if that is something for me. :)


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