GrindaBuck - A Month Later...

Since I did a post on ClixSense about a month later and earnings I figured it was time to do GrindaBuck too, since I have been actively been using it for the past 30 days. I have a Youtube video about GrindaBuck as well which you can check out here

What I Enjoyed!
  • I love that GrindaBuck has a chat box that all members can use, even VIP level 1 members. And I like that the task ticker shows us when cash outs are processed and how people are earning, it is a good way to learn more about the site.
  • The community is very friendly! When I joined GrindaBuck I was surprised by how helpful the admins were in chat and through the support ticket system and other members were so kind too with answering questions I had.
  • Trivia Tuesdays! Trivia Tuesday is a chat game with 3 rounds at 6pm/7pm/8pm (Eastern time). It is played in chat. A mod host it and we try to answer the questions. Who  ever answers correctly first wins. It is a great way to win free GaB's (GrindaBucks)
  • Bonuses and monthly contest! For doing the daily check in everyday you can get 50 GaB's added to your account. I just got mine added today! And top earners can get monthly bonuses too. There also was a huge contest in Feb called "120K Promo Celebration" On day 4 I was the winner who won 1,000 GaB's which is the equivalent of $10.00 cash.
  • I love seeing websites that update their social media accounts. Not only does it keep me interested but if I really like what they posted I will share it. GrindaBuck also has a newsletter which is pretty awesome too.
  • Lots of ways to earn has to be my favorite part of this website. Surveys and offerwalls. Some days I do earn less of course but it comes down to the work put in.
  • The site does pay in Paypal cash and Bitcoin along with a "Rewards Store" which has Wal Mart, Amazon, GameStop and Rixty giftcards.
  • Super quick payments. My Paypal payments always came very fast, some times like 10 minutes after redeeming for the cash.

What I Did Not Like!
  • Every so often some offers just would not credit. This is not GrindaBuck's issue though it is the offerwalls issue and a support ticket to the wall can normally fix that. Pay close attention to the offers and the rules though to ensure you get credit. 
  • Some of my readers are International and right now GrindaBuck is not as International as I thought it was. Right now members from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia can join.
  • All members start out as VIP Penny Level 1. So the very first cash out will be for $10.00, all members had to go through this. By earning more though you can unlock more offers and cash out in smaller amounts.
I can't think of anything else to add to what I did not like. My experience so far has been nothing but positive with GrindaBuck and I hope the community continues to grow. Here is a picture of my earnings :)
It is not often I start adding a new site to my earning list and do so well. I am quite impressed with my earnings so far on GrindaBuck! Adding that up I made a good $45.00 in Feb using the site. I am into a new month now with GrindaBuck and pretty excited to see where this one goes. So I am going to set a little goal here in writing. By March 31st my goal is to make $100.00 for the month of March on GrindaBuck. This might be to big of a goal but I want to see if it happens and record here if it does. If GrindaBuck sounds fun to you, join here

And just a final note and important note that I want to add is that GrindaBuck does have a guide on the website on how to earn to help new members out. And the newest moderator also wrote a guide. This is very updated so you should check it out here

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Stay tuned later this week I will be posting my income report for February and it is a good one, so come back to check that out. Happy earning!



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