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June 2017 Online Earnings

First off I want to apologize for posting this 2 weeks late. This post is going to get personal for a moment, which again I do apologize for but it is my blog so I shall post what I want. On June 11th me and my long term boyfriend/husband split. For anyone who follows me on forums, there have been times I mentioned issues that arose but not in great detail. I can say this past month has been rough on me emotionally and physically.

My earnings for June sucked because of us ending as I spent a lot of time crying and maybe feeling sorry for myself too. I feel a bit better right now but still very brokenhearted at our end. But that is life my friends, that is life. Nothing last forever is probably my new motto. A lot has changed for me I had to leave the cat we rescued together due to her having feline herpes I could not bring her to my parents home as their cat would catch it too. The good news is my ex is being good about everything including letting me keep certain items there until I…